Joel Madden Is Writing a Memoir

The Joel Madden Story will soon be coming to a bookstore near you.

People magazine reports that the Good Charlotte rocker and Nicole Richie’s baby daddy is throwing his hat into the celebrity-memoir ring and will be penning a book about his 30-years-and-counting existence on the planet.

“I’m lightly working on one,” Madden admits, “but I don’t want to put a book out there if it’s not actually meaningful. I’m not going to go there unless I can deliver.”

And what could be more meaningful than one’s own life? But those looking for a seedy celebrity tell-all should probably look elsewhere.

“It would be about, mostly, the big changes in my life: Kids, relationships, moving to L.A.…the big life changes that I’ve gone through,” Madden says. “If I put a book out, I want it to be something that matters to me. It has to be real, you can’t just put a book out, to put a book out.”

Hmm; if only all of Madden’s show-biz colleagues followed that philosophy. 

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