Miley Cyrus: From Nick Jonas Back to Justin Gaston?

Miley Cyrus: From Nick Jonas Back to Justin Gaston?-photo

Is Niley over for real?

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle announced their break-up yesterday, and there could be evidence indicating that this isn't the only split happening on the Jonas front.

If Miley Cyrus' tweets are to be taken seriously, it seems like she's looking to spark things back up with ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston.

Last week, the 16-year-old star, who is supposedly dating Nick Jonas, tweeted, "Listening to Comfortable and thinking of you. I miss your voice."

Anyone who follows Justin on twitter knows how big of a John Mayer fan he is. And, yes, he tweeted something special back to his former lady love. He said, "Listening to 'I loved you, grey sweatpants, no makeup, so perfect' and you know it's true"

Then on Sunday, Miley tweeted at Justin again, saying "@justinmgaston why in every picture of you as a kid are you eating ice cream? =]"

But, alas! J-Gas has yet to respond to Miley's latest message. Is someone playing a little hard to get?

Do you think Miley and Justin would really get back together? Let us know in the comments section!



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  • fan1#

    she is so stupid!Even though i'm a big fan

  • someone

    i think miley and nick look great togeather. miley someday is going to be kevin,joe and frenkie's sister inlaw.niley forever.

  • mmariel

    homegurl's got issuesss. jesus, nick is much better than justin.

  • reasonable person
    reasonable person

    its seems like she was happier with justin. think about, did she have any happy then sad then happy and so on when she was with justin. so all you obsessed niley fans need to cool it because if you say "miley needs to be with nick", do you really think miley gonna be with nick just cause you say. come on klids, thank a little before you post a comment

  • clare

    Oh no, don't people pick up the phone and have private conversations anymore? Why so public? Miley and Justin are a pair of childish tweeting twits. Maybe find a new, less attention seeking guy, just happy enough to spend time with you in the background.

  • angie

    Justin is sad if he takes Miley back. She'll be flirting with her Band and Dancers next month on tour to keep herself busy. Ahh....Teenagers.

  • LoVeNiCkJoNaSfOrEvEr

    P.S. Miley does not deserve the Nick Jonas (fact)!

  • LoVeNiCkJoNaSfOrEvEr

    I prefer much more to Miley with Justin. She has is to stay with Justin as well forget it in my Nick, and he stops to suffer. I love the fact the Nick and hate to see him sad, mainly because of Miley.

  • yodawg

    she has issues

  • hunny

    i actually agree in thinking that nick's the one pushing her away at the mo' (that is, of course, if miley & nick ever got back together to dating stages again in the first place) - maybe he wants to enjoy his teenage years with plenty experiments. and although i do hope some day these kids would miraculously end up together, with the way the entertainment biz is shaping up right now, they're almost doomed to fail.

  • Nora

    no justin does not feel that way about miley anymore so there is no chance of them getting back! its for the best cuz Niley is wayyyyyy better!

  • brooklynbabe24

    this is all nicks fault i love nick but he is the reason miley is where she is now the pictures nicks fault, the songs, nicks fault, the tears nicks fault, the controversey all nicks damn fault

  • Joy

    I hope she's not with Nick. He's better off without her. I'm sort of a Miley fan but I'm Jonas Brothers all the way. You'd think after everything she'd done to him he'd forget about her and move on seeing in how she apparently wants this guys Justin, whoever he is. Though he is a wee bit too old.

  • Shely

    She Should Leave Poor Nick Alone and I Think That She Should Stop Taking Pics Of Herself Half Naked and Pics of Her and Nick Kissing She Shares Too Much Of her personal Life With Everyone.

  • ahmoisesat

    miley doesnt deserve nick!! muahahha...

  • ii'llwatchthestarsastheycollide

    eventually, she will realise that what she is doing to both of them is a little ridiculous. Obviously Nick is better for her than Justin, but i just think the fact everyone is completely bothered about what a sixteen year old girl's current relationship status is, then people need to back off a little. But if she keeps flaunting herself with these "photos" then obviously Nick is going to see her in a different light. Maybe she should just stay single for a little bit and have fun, not always concentrating on what the ublic are going to think about whoever she goes out with.

  • jessica

    miley is a hoe she just using nick

  • q

    why is she a boob

  • flashdrive

    AGREEING WITH JOE HERE PEOPLE!! MILEY NEEDS TO BE IN A STRAIGHT JACKET!!! she needs to make up her damned mind. i say she takes justin cause nick is mine! and also, they'll keep hurting each other. so she needs to go with the underwear model, or become a nun. whichever one.

  • Nileyfan

    No! And even if they did.......we all know who will windup together,married ...........................................................................(cough) miley (Cough) and (Cough) nick Just saying! :)

  • marina

    i hope miley and justin are together. i personally feel that miley and justin is a better couple then miley and nick. she seems more happy with justin!! ur totally rite i don't like niley together

  • Marina

    i mean i hope she stays with justin not nick

  • Marina a.k. Future Mrs.Nick Jonas (not miley cyrus) =)
    Marina a.k. Future Mrs.Nick Jonas (not miley cyrus) =)

    i hope she just stays with justin i hate niley i mean i8 love nick but hate miley she acts wayyyy to mature for her age what does nick c in her i hope she stays witttth nick

  • Lily

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Niley!!!!

  • haybay

    miley and nick will prob be together. they are so adorable and closer in age and justins way to old

  • james

    i think whoever miley end up with is a lucky guy. Miley is one in a million type of girl. The girl is amazingly talent in every aspect, she works hard,she a christian and a good girl, love her family, extremely positive and extremely talented and she has a life. she dont need nick or justin she way too pretty for either of them. She a power girl and this two can't keep up with her. Miley has more thing going on in her life than nick has he only has the tour . miley on the other hand is an author,singer,actrist,designer,performer and host. the girl is extremely fire on stage and every where she goes she magnetized and hypnotized people with her postive attitude and bubbly personality. She the type of girl you show off to the world so nick is super stupid a girl like miley you take by the arm at least justin knows how to treat a lady. Justin knows that ladies like miley you take by the arm and show off because she a star withing her own rights. Nick is the stupiest guy i ever seen trying to hide a girl like miley is he stupid she should not be with a guy like him she need a guy with ball like justin! someone that treat her with respect and dont hide her. that what real gentleman do. But miley don't need any of those two she way too pretty for shorty nick and justin better get his act together and see miley get motivated to get ahead like her and get big like miley. but she dont need none of them. the dummy that want to hide her nick and the supermodel that treat her with respect but is not famous yet! she should just find a guy who not as wimpy as nick or as laid back as justin. she needs a man that would walk her in the red carpets and be a gentleman!

  • daniella

    k so her and nick (L) forever. screw justin.

  • dina

    they will never get back together! miley is staying sincle!The twiing does not mean anything! Justin did noit repond back! the next guy she needs to be with is nick, someone her own age! She does not love justin like that! The were the not a good couple! MNick and miley dersere to be togrther! Justin has a new girlfriend! you people like ozzy think that justin and miley were a good couple you are wrong1 She was not happy with justin! She was happy with nick!

  • Sel

    Nick deserves someone better than Miley!

  • :)

    one word. Slut.

  • carley

    i feel like nick and miley are basing their relationship on money and publicity. they give eachother a better image and help out their carrers. so its possible miley really does love justin by is being condoned to nick and vise versa. and personally, i think me and nick make a better couple.

  • evelyn

    hola chicos miren no crean todo lo que dicen las revistas por que miley ama muchisimo a nick y los dos se aman Solo que estas revistas no hacen nada mas que mentir sobre todos los artistas sobre cualquiera en ves de decir la verdad dicen otra cosa que perjudican a todos los artistas ,cantantes,etc Ojala escuchen mis palabras para que no sigan escuchando estas tonterias que dicen las revistas que ellos solo ganan plata diciendo mentiras.

  • mschreids

    She's 16, twittering about any emotion that she's feeling is normal, the problem is that people are taking her tweets way too seriously. She says she friends with nick- friends hang out, but when they hang out everyone says they are dating. She quotes john mayer, who justin happens to be a fan of, and everyone says shes dating sounds dramatic because the public has added so much drama to it

  • Katie

    NOOOOO....justin was ewwww & gross! NILEY FOREVER

  • karen

    'NICK KN GET SUM1 MUCH BETTER!N I NEVER THOUGHT NICK&&MIELY MADE A CUTE COUPLE!' I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU, LUNATIC123! agree agree agree, nick deserves something much better

  • karen

    OH THANK GOD, justin and miley makes a better cople, than no other! go ahead miley! justin is all yours!

  • carry-lou

    yeah, nick, justin, nick, justin???? what about joe. i mean he's single. :D

  • Amy

    I, too, think Nick ended things. Maybe they took off too fast and he freaked, but I really think he ended it. And Miley is a 16 year old, she probably feels like a jerk for leaving Justin for Nick for nothing. And for a 16 year old girl, every romance is a big deal. Whether J takes her back is another story :)

  • Mcfan

    I don't think she get back with justin , she tweet this at 23.july.2009 and then justin tweet saying : I listening to "I loved ......................... " at 27.july.2009 , justin want to get her back only he want to be famous :P I really really really hate justin so much ahhh miley is so much better with nick and he good for her than that ugly justin ewww he is really ugly :P justin think he's cute no it's not nick is cute than him . I really hope nick read my comment =) to know that miley still love him . (sorry for my bad english) but whatever ..

  • Shalalala

    who knows? shes just confused right now. All though, Nick and miley are an adorable couple =)

  • Concerned

    Justin Gaston will be 21 YEARS OLD in 16 days. A twenty one year old man kissing, hugging, laying in bed with professing his love to a 16 year old child is illegal. If he is allowed to continue to seduce this child with impunity.....then every other man who wants to seduce a child should cite this public situation as there justification. If the authorities are not going to enforce the law here....a children are not safe. What we are saying is that if the pedophile is good looking and charming and the parents don''t mind their child being molested and a big company like Disney can capitalize on the popularity of the's OK. Remember Pedophiles come in all guises A 21 year old man is a manipulater and a 16 year old girl is his victim.whether she knows it or not.,

  • N

    I hope she get's back together with him. I loved Justin & Miley!!

  • nina

    no i really don't think they're getting back together she's much better off withouth him

  • Chelsea Jones
    Chelsea Jones

    This is ridiculous. Just because they tweet each other, they're back together? People seriously need to stop overestimating these sort of things. I don't understand why Miley can't do normal things without starting and unnecessary rumor about her life.

  • SincerMileyFan

    She should just let Nick be. She's ruining him. She does not deserve him. If she wants to be a drama queen and sh!t, then she should just go without Nick, because he deserves so much more than she can even think of giving him. And are you a better choice? Didn't think so cause you can't even be happy for him

  • SincerMileyFan

    What's the point of commenting? She's gonna choose who she wants reguardless of what we think so all we can do is kick back and be happy for her. I'm happy for whomever she chooses. As long as he puts a smile on her face I am totally okay. I just wish her fans would stop being so DAMN JUDGEMENTAL to Justin cause he has not DONE ANYTHING.

  • ACM

    i think that her and nick must have been 'talking' at least. they 'reconnected'. and the thing justin tweeted about the 'sweatpants/no makeup' was definitely about her. in elle magazine, she said how when they first met she was 'so ugly' and had her hair up, no makeup on, and had sweatpants on. so i think theyre not back together yet, but i think theyre cool now and can hang out.

  • a mom
    a mom

    she can't make up her damn mind. i mean choose who you wanna be with and nick is a good guy. i LOVE nick jonas! and i want him to be happy. but idk what is going on with her. and i REALLY don't know is she even back together with just whatever his name is. it"s called being a teen - get over it & leave Miley alone.

  • sah

    I think they are getting back together but i really hope it's not true. Miley and Nick make the perfect couple. you could tell there was still chemistry there when they performed togther.

  • caren

    i hope miley and justin are together. i personally feel that miley and justin is a better couple then miley and nick. she seems more happy with justin!! I agree

  • Ellen

    Recently Miley had a tweet that had the lyrics to "My Girl" and in her book, she said that Nick used to sing it to her and change the lyrics to "Miley". I think that's definitely evidence for Miley/ Nick.

  • Kayla

    Miley and should totally go together nick is cute miley is pretty nick has a good personality shes got a good personality and they both love each other no matter. She seems way better with and more happy than with ugly Justin. Miley+Nick=:D LOVE Miley+Justin=:( EWW

  • Claudz

    I Personaly think its disney making them do it well not with justin but with nick and miley...disney could have somewhat 'thretend' them in to going back together and thats why they never talk about there personal lives(meaning girlfriend/boyfriend) because there simply isnt one.

  • Aldana

    She should just let Nick be. She's ruining him. She does not deserve him. If she wants to be a drama queen and sh!t, then she should just go without Nick, because he deserves so much more than she can even think of giving him.

  • aly

    I don't believe that Nick and Miley were ever back together. They are just friends. Magazines like to make it more because they make more money. I would hope she wouldn't be stupid enough to go back to Justin. But she desperately wants to be with someone who has nothing to do but follow her around and exchange random tweets with her. Nick has a life, a job and apparently no desire to broadcast his personal life. So there's just no way she will end up with anyone but a Justin-type guy.

  • dontjudgeher

    oh, gosh. first nick.then justin.then nick.and again justin.she has a problem! come on people! this is just sh*t magazines make up.. u cant judge her cause its probably not even true.. so please stop saying bad things about her and u have to stop believing in everything gossip sites say.

  • ozzy

    i hope miley and justin are together. i personally feel that miley and justin is a better couple then miley and nick. she seems more happy with justin!!

  • LUNATIC123


  • babygirl

    she can't make up her damn mind. i mean choose who you wanna be with and nick is a good guy. i LOVE nick jonas! and i want him to be happy. but idk what is going on with her. and i REALLY don't know is she even back together with just whatever his name is.

  • maddy

    hope he dies in a whole. she belongs with nick niley forever (L)

  • lisa

    I don't think they are for justin i think mr innocent nick makes her make song with him that you need to buy the album to get, makes her break up with her boyfriend and then dumps her. She is 16 yr old girl who was hurt and starts twitting like crazy. so who is the bad guy really miley or nick think about girls. She doesn't love justin she loves someone who always breaks her heart.

  • KaTiee

    oh, gosh. first nick. then justin. then nick. and again justin. she has a problem!

  • jbfan345

    NOOO MILEY nick makes a better couple with you than you with justin!!

  • OoOoOLaLa

    were Miley and Nick even back together?