Nick Lachey Isn’t Wasting Any Time

Nick Lachey works fast.

Nick’s relationship with Vanessa Minnillo has barely had time to cool, and he’s already going hot and heavy with a new young honey, Radar Online reports.

Lachey is reportedly finding comfort in the arms of former University of Louisiana student Holly Letchworth. Lachey and Letchworth were spotted on a date at Stanley’s Restaurant and Bar in Sherman Oaks, California, on Sunday. And to hear a pal of the Southern belle tell it, the date might not be a one-off.

“In my most recent conversation with her she told me that she just went on a date with Nick and nothing else happened afterwards—but they are still talking so who knows?” spills the pal.

Letchworth, 23, recently relocated to Los Angeles from Louisiana, after her former place of employment, Daquiris Supreme, burned down in a fire.

Oh, and after she split up with her long-term boyfriend.

Since hitting Los Angeles, the former daquiri-slinging bartender has apparently developed a penchant for dating former boy banders—she also went out with Jesse McCartney, though “nothing came of it,” the pal spills.

So will Nick have better luck? Letchworth’s pal seems to think so.

“I think they are very well suited because he seems like he is a good guy and they are both currently single and available right now too,” her buddy theorizes.

Aw, young love; ain’t it grand?

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