PHOTO GALLERY: Katy Perry's New Tattoo

Everybody's getting tattoos these days!

Katy Perry got some late-night ink done at East Side Tattoo in the East Village on Monday and joked with photographers as she left the shop. The singer revealed a fake tattoo of Josh Groban's name spelled incorrectly on her cleavage but didn't show off her actual, real ink.

Earlier in the night, Perry tweeted, "Thinking bout getting my 2nd tattoo 2night! I wanna get a cartoon-ish strawberry to celebrate this amazeballs past 15 months.." She also asked for suggestions, saying If anyone has any wonderful cute strawberry references... Think japanese, 1950s vintage commercials, fun Mark Ryden colors, send send!"

Hopefully she shows off her strawberry soon!

Check out the new pics of Katy Perry leaving her tattoo parlor in our new gallery!



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  • thegreatestmanalive

    She has an arranged marriage.

  • Lo

    Sick fingernails Perry

  • mahadi

    pictures of her real new tatoo can be found on BangBangs myspace page. ( the tatoo artist) Katy is you see this i think you are awesome & i cought your chapstick in Brighton ♥

  • amy

    eww, and i thought she was more classy.

  • reneelucky7

    Katy you rock