Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds: Love on the Rocks?

Is all not well in the blessed union between Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds?

Fox News reports that the couple—who wed last September—had a major blow-up just prior to this year’s Comic-Con, causing them to spend the weekend apart.

According to a source, “they got in a huge fight just before they were going to Comic-Con. It caused such a rift between them that Ryan refused to attend the conference and he told Scarlett she could go alone. She got so angry she threatened to take off her wedding band.”

Whoa; that’s serious!

No word on what the argument was about, but the tiff apparently left Reynolds in hot water not just with his wife but with his employer. While Johansson dutifully appeared at Comic-Con to promote the upcoming Iron Man 2, Warner Bros. was hoping that Reynolds would show up to talk about his upcoming film The Green Lantern—and his absence was conspicuous.

“Ryan pulled out at the last minute and word spread fast. He isn’t making a show of good faith to the Warner team after they battled over the decision making him Green Lantern,” the mole adds. “Scarlett ended up looking like the true professional and acted as if nothing was wrong, answering questions for fans and posing for pictures. It was not a good way for Ryan to begin his work as the star of the movie.”


Tell us in the comments section: Do you think Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson can make their marriage last, or is their union doomed to failure?