Will Kristen Stewart Appear on True Blood?

Sam Trammell is looking to bring an end to the Great Twilight/True Blood Vampire Wars.

Though there’s been some seeming bad blood between the cast members of the two vampire vehicles, Trammell—who plays Sam Merlotte on HBO’s bloodsucker series—wants to bridge the gap. By recruiting Kristen Stewart into the True Blood fold.

While Trammell admits that he’s yet to see the Twilight movie, he told E! Online at this weekend’s Comic-Con convention that he’d love to have Bella Swan—or at least the actress who plays her—on his show.

“I really loved her in Adventureland,” Trammell enthused. “I’d love her to come on. She could be a little vampire or a victim.”

Hmm; would that constitute some kind of conflict of interest?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kristen Stewart would fit in with the True Blood crew? And which should she be—vampire or victim?