Ashley Tisdale Doesn't Want to Grow Up

Ashley Tisdale Doesn't Want to Grow Up-photo

Unlike some of her show-biz colleagues, Ashley Tisdale is perfectly content playing teen roles.

"I look young, which just comes from good genes," says the Tiz, 24. "I think I'll probably do more kids in high school but not like High School Musical, something maybe geared to older teens. In this business, once you get to that age where you're an adult, you can't go back. So, I think that I really want to have a long career and play young as long as I can."

Read on for much more of what Tisdale is thinking about these days.



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  • waz up
    waz up


  • waz up
    waz up

    okay now shes just showing off.. u know?? shes like ''im young'' and stop like that.. she's braging..

  • khoa

    She's not funny.Lucas Grabell is very good>I like I don't dance Song.Corbin Bleu is very amazing

  • reneelucky7

    This is the reality of hollywood. When you are over the age of 20- you are already considered old.