Bryce Dallas Howard Replaces Rachelle LeFevre in 'Eclipse'

Major Eclipse casting shake-up!

People magazine reports that Bryce Dallas Howard is replacing Rachelle LeFevre as vampire Victoria in the third installment of the Twilight saga, which is due to begin filming in August.

Summit Entertainment says that LeFevre has bowed out due to scheduling conflicts—her upcoming independent film, Barney's Version, which also stars Dustin Hoffman, is due to begin filming on the same day as Eclipse.

Somebody maybe should have thought of that earlier?

Click through our gallery of Bryce Dallas Howard pics and tell us in our poll: Do you think Bryce will make a good replacement?



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  • Steph

    OMG...this makes me so angry. I can't stand when they do stuff like this. She plays a HUGE role in Eclipse and after this movie she would have been done with the Twilight Series anyways...she dies in this movie/book!! I don't get why she couldn't do her part for us FANS and stick around for one more movie, and then do her thing elsewhere afterwards!!!! What a way to destroy the movie before it even comes out !!!

  • chris

    The reason she was replaced is probably the oldest reason in the book--it's all who you know. Or, in Hollywood, it's all who your daddy is...I wonder what favor Ron Howard granted Summit for casting his daughter...this stinks.

  • Zitni

    Vicotria and Jaocb were the only 2 characters cast perfectly. This is retarded. Summit you suck

  • anonymus2

    we should make a public protest.... Rachelle levreve or no one elsae!... i personally won´t go to see ecplipse now!...that´s my fav book and they´re ruining it!!...i HATE this! everyone loves Rachelle!!..this is unfair! let´s do a protest in front of summit ...we have 2 do somethin!

  • Ak

    I'm pisssed that they replaced Rachelle, but I do think that Bryce will be a good Victoria. I can just imagine her talking with a baby-like voice :)

  • Name

    why.Why.WHY! why would they ditch rachelle! shes in the first two movies ffs. it wont be right! such a weird desision to make.

  • Kathy415

    Eclipise was to be Rachelle Lefevre's break-out performance she knew the rules and made a bad decision and Summit fired her and replaced her with Bryce Howard. End of Case. When Summit laid down the rules she should of paid attention. These people are not playing. This is there business, this is how they make money.

  • Marlou

    [quote=Sonia Goldenberg]Oh my God! How could Summit do this? Just unfair, Rachelle is the best Victoria, no one could replace her. Remember the end of Twiligh? yeah i was thinking exactly the same thing, rachelle's just amazing as victoria

  • Helena

    I agree with everyone who says that she doesn't look scary... i mean... as much as i got from the book, Victoria is supposed to look really scary.. and Rachelle succeeded in that... Bryce...good luck..let's see what the special effects can do..

  • Jessel Carbungco
    Jessel Carbungco

    i don't like it either, i just can't believe that Rachel is out. i like her to be Victoria she's good i mean really good... we want her back you know

  • Sonia Goldenberg
    Sonia Goldenberg

    Oh my God! How could Summit do this? Just unfair, Rachelle is the best Victoria, no one could replace her. Remember the end of Twiligh?

  • Mnemosyne

    Why has the vampire makeup already been applied?

  • evita1500

    Rachelle is out&there's NOTHING we can do about it...Bryce is very talented&I'm glad that they at least brought in someone who's a good actress!

  • IsabellaMarie95

    What the f*ck is summit thinking ,they are so stupid

  • athena

    Well, I guess they're really trying to get some well known names in the next movie so they can reap the benefit of making lots of box office mula.

  • Alex Ssmfs
    Alex Ssmfs

    [quote=Alex Ssmfs]I think that Michelle is much better for the role of Victoria, it suits her better and she's prettier... I meant Rachelle, i had the name Michelle in my mind... ;p

  • mutia

    no one can replace Rachelle as Victoria

  • Dora

    I hope Lefevre sues and wins big time. They drop her because she was going to receive a bigger paycheck made be like 12 million and Corporations like Summit are always trying to find a way of it. As to Miss Howard being the replacement bad karma will soon follow because the fans will not ever accept her. Nikki Reed is still not accepted for separate reasons but still not accepted as Roselie even after movie aired. So it still not too late for Summit to retrack and do the right thing. Show they are loyal to the fans.

  • Sleeping Beauty n AR
    Sleeping Beauty n AR

    If my Daddy was the director Ron know "Opie Taylor" form the old TV show Mayberry, maybe I could get a part in one the of the hottest movie to be made to. She will never be right for the part, way to delicate looking, not wicked enough.

  • Sleeping Beauty n AR.
    Sleeping Beauty n AR.

    Ok guys this is an inner Hollywood deal here. This actress is the daughter of the director Ron know "Opie Taylor" in the old Mayberry T.V. show. She will not have the same wicked visual punch. That's show biz....

  • Devon

    Terrible terrible terrible decision on Summit's part. Bad bad bad. Rachelle IS Victoria. There is absolutely no reason why she shouldn't complete the part the embodies so beautifully. Summit needs to change its position and satisfy the fans who have made the movie studio billions of dollars.

  • Alex Ssmfs
    Alex Ssmfs

    I think that Michelle is much better for the role of Victoria, it suits her better and she's prettier...

  • iluvrpattz

    I can't stand Rachel, to be honest. It comes from her stint on Big Wolf On Campus. Way to be the worst part of a low budget show. Plus Twilight is terrible. Bryce is great, though, ruled on Spiderman! twilight isint terrible you just dont like it

  • iluvrpattz

    rachels better looking for the part of victoria

  • Ixa

    No way, nothing against Bryce but she does not look like she could play a mean lean Victoria machine. Rachelle is Victoria... Whenever they start changing the actors in these series, it always changes the dynamic and chemistry of the actors. It won't be the same.

  • jewles

    this is a peice of crap she is an amazing actress and summit really shouldnt start replacing ppl there going to strat losing a ton a fans due to this summits making another half thought crap desision

  • - dreamerrr
    - dreamerrr

    thats bullsh*t. TEN DAYS out of filming for her new movie wouldnt have caused any problem! summit's being really childish! and the replacement, im very sorry. she wont match up to what rachelle has done. its going to ruin the whole thing. yu cnt replace the original cast and eclipse would be her last movie. dumb ass summit! UGH!

  • Elie

    This is utter bullsh*t. No questions asked, this is ridiculous. She's taking 10 days to film a small movie other than "Twilight." So sue her! She's the most fit for the role, and it's disorienting as a viewer, to see a change in cast for the villain. In my mind, this is unacceptable, and worth a boycott.

  • loveydoveym

    Rachelle was much better than this acrtress..... i think if Bryce play the best but she's not her........... i get use to rachelle...

  • noidea4aname

    I think that she`s a much better choice to play Victoria she looks the part with the red hear (not orange) and she has a bit moore of a feline look about her. But i agree with lahe27 its a shame they coudent have the same actress throughout the series

  • rachelle

    eww thats a REALLY bad choice!!

  • bella26

    I never thought Rachelle was very good, in fact "all wrong" would sum up my thoughts on her...I think Bryce is a fantastic actress, her red hair is amazing, and I wish she'd had the part all along. Its amazing what can be done with wardrobe, make-up, and special effects. I'm sure Rob walked into the audition room sparkling like diamonds, too.

  • Belle

    Twilight fans, don't hate on Bryce Dallas Howard. This isn't her fault and you know it. At least let her prove herself before you judge her. Who knows, she could be an even better Victoria.

  • 3oh3fan

    I don't think this girl will be as good as Rachelle. she looks way too preppy! They better rough her up before they film, i wonder how she'll take getting her heard ripped off by Rob.

  • myglory

    People. This is a movie, not real life. These are professional decisions that can cost a tremendous amount of money for every day that is lost on set. These roles are "jobs", not real people. Everyone is expendable. They should re cast all the actors then ...because everyone is expendable and it would be much cheaper do ECLIPSE whit actors who weren’t in the first movies…what do you think? Sometimes the actors give meaning to the film.. no the director or the producer or the company… you know? Apart from that what we are saying is that you can’t use the same actor for two movies and change her in the third !!! we know that These roles are "jobs"

  • marystat

    What I wanna know is HOW could Summit recast the role this fast? I bet they had this idea of recasting a while before they announced this, it all reeks. Rachelle was so excited for Eclipse as late as COMIC CON! Now she is out? Doesn't make sense whatsoever. It all reeks of royally screwing Rachelle over.

  • Matthew

    Rob was filming remember me and new moon at the same time if he could do it rachelle could too. It wasnt a scheduling conflict because she said that she was stunned and deeply saddened. BOO SUMMIT. 3 days a go i was just thinking ow great rachelle is as victoria. This is sooooooo stupid

  • Mara

    ummm sorry, but she is kind of ugly .... oops... I guess that was kind of mean.... oh well.... sometimes the truth hurts!!! Rachelle is sooo much prettier and was the perfect Victoria!! This chick is really gonna screw it up!!

  • Bee

    NNNOOOOO>>>>she can not get replaced that is just stupid u cant have some one for the first 2 movies then replace them on the third its just not right..nup stupid

  • Lefevré all the way!(:
    Lefevré all the way!(:

    RACHELLE SHOULD BE VICTORIA, why do they want to change the original and awesome vic.? jeez.

  • Kweinstein

    People. This is a movie, not real life. These are professional decisions that can cost a tremendous amount of money for every day that is lost on set. These roles are "jobs", not real people. Everyone is expendable.

  • Elle

    BOOOOO on Summit!!!!

  • gfbiureh


  • Jess

    Rachelle for us will be Victoria forever. but to be honest Dallas was other girl that could been Victoria. Now Rachelle must be Victoria. please sumit!!! go Rachelle WE LOVE YOU

  • Elle

    I was just re-reading Eclipse last month and was really getting amped to see the big fight between Rob and Rachelle. RACHELLE!! Not Bryce! I think Howard is okay, but she CANNOT replace RACHELLE ... it won't even seem like Victoria will be in the story... it will be like a whole new character. I simply cannot believe that Summit couldn't find a way to fix this. To me it seems like a case of sour grapes!!

  • christy

    She said in a statmen that she was stunned by the change so obviously she assumed she would be back as did we.. do they not realize that changing actresses makes it look so much more fake and unbelieveable and not to mention distracting and anoyying...i guess who ever runs the production had a problem with her or really likes bryce..maybe wanted a bigger name..totally stupid no matter what the reasoning...It shouldnt be done...unless the actress died..or is in rehab...... think about it!

  • selena

    Rachelle had this whole sexy, dangerous look, and the look of a revenge lover when she played her part as Victoria, but this girl is just ugly

  • myglory

    yesssss!!! I think the same as you Heather someone do something!!! this sucks!! Bring Rachelle back!!

  • Heather

    I think that the Twilight fans should let Summit know that we want Rachelle to be in the Eclipse movie. If Rachelle says that she can film both movies at the same time then let her be in Eclipse. Twilight fans let Summit know we want Rachelle.

  • oceanbubbles

    UGH That sux! I cant stand it when they replace characters! Rachelle was great as Victoria. Bummer

  • Olivia

    With the due make-up, this new actor may look more threatening that so young Rachelle Lefevre, and the new english director knows a lot about terror movies. Anyway, It saddens me that Rachelle lost a part she so much longed for, and I wish her the best. But, please, Summit, do not recast anyone from the Cullen, the Swan or the Jacob´s families.

  • pat383

    Yeah she is Ron Howard daughter , she made one movie that I know the lady in the water I think it was called, can't figure Victoria played by anyone else than Rachelle, Summit sucks big time

  • SaveRachelle

    If they were going to recast someone there were far better options than Rachelle. Her acting was actually good.

  • PetitionIt

    This sucks major b*lls! (please excuse) I can believe Summit is at it again trying to change the cast. Who are they going to change for Breaking Dawn? Why do they keep ruining a great story. Things like these make me wish they hadn't produced the Twilight Saga into movies. Bring Rachelle back!

  • Meh

    I can't stand Rachel, to be honest. It comes from her stint on Big Wolf On Campus. Way to be the worst part of a low budget show. Plus Twilight is terrible. Bryce is great, though, ruled on Spiderman!

  • Melina Robsessed
    Melina Robsessed

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! HOW CAN THEY CHANGE RACHELLE LIKE THIS!!!!!! She was the perfect Victoria T.T I loved her from the start, it was very simmilar to what I had imagined, and I loved the actress. She played Victoria perfectly, and was a very fresh person, very kind (L) I don't like the new actress they chose. She's not even simmilar to Victoria. PLUS, ECLIPSE WAS MY FAVOURITE BOOK. I was looking forward to this movie, and now they started with changing Victoria's role!!!!

  • Marianne LaBeouf
    Marianne LaBeouf

    To Helen, She did not drop out. has an update on the matter. Its only because 10 of those days, she is shooting another movie. She was honestly quite surprised that they dropped her....and because it was 10 day conflict. Which is so damn stupid. I honestly am now thinking of boycotting Twilight all together. I hate when actors get replaced in movies, it just isn't the same.

  • ally

    f*ck YOU SUMMIT!

  • emma


  • Marianne LaBeouf
    Marianne LaBeouf

    I am REALLY pissed off to hear this news. Summit sucks major balls. I hate how they are always trying to replace the actors for the crappiest reasons. Its 10 days people, the series doesn't need to be that rushed. You could always film something else in those 10 days, and film her part later or something. FOR GOD SAKES, STOP THE MADNESS SUMMIT, OR YOU WILL LOSE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NIN9

    NOOOO. Rachelle's so perfect for Victoria! They made a damn good choice for victoria, seriously, each time i'm listening to the baseball Scene in twilight, i look at her and i'm like... wow, s'really victoria..

  • NIN9

    NOOOO. Rachelle's so perfect for Victoria! They made a damn good choice for victoria, seriously, each time i'm listening to the baseball Scene in twilight, i look at her and i'm like... wow, s'really victoria..

  • Taryn

    This is SUCH a bad idea...Bryce is nothing more than Ron Howard's daughter. It pays well. There's more on this nepotism at the Celebsession Blog.

  • myglory

    Why don’t you replace all cast member and do “Eclipse” with all new actors???? Is this sounds ridiculous? This is how this news sounds to me. RACHEL IS VICTORIA . don’t replace her

  • Helen

    She's way to cute-sy pretty for Victoria, if ya know what I mean! She looks too delicate! Rachelle was fantastic casting, she has that fierce look about her that Victoria should have but also has the feminine features!!! I'm really quite gutted about this change! Wonder what the real reason behind the change is, why would Rachelle drop out of this film because of schedulling conflicts with another movie, surely she must have been waiting for this movie from the beginning!?!

  • meganleigh

    They can't change victoria!! that's just stupid, Rachelle is a really good actress

  • lisa


  • Amy

    Terrible idea. Awful. Rachel IS Victoria. She is wonderful. David Slade has been suspect for me from the start. He began his directing ECLIPSE by bashing TWILIGHT. And now he's changed the casting that was perfect. I don't believe this story that Rachel is "booked" elsewhere. No offense to Ms. Howard, but Rachel should stay as Victoria.

  • ricklegend

    My friend is good friends with Rachelle, he just saw her and she was not happy. This was not her choice she was screwed on this one.

  • noah

    I can't tell if this chick is attractive. I'll get back to you.

  • Georgie

    I'm ticked. They've filmed two movies without drama, and now, NOW, before one of the best books they get rid of Rachelle?! Victoria is HUGE in this movie! I've been looking forward to Eclipse for 2 years, and now it's gonna suck because of BDH. I've been trying to like Summit, I mean they did make the movies. But right now, I hate them. It's total crap that they got rid of Rachelle. They didn't even replace her with anyone that can be better than her. She's Victoria. No one else can even attempt to be Victoria. I really hope Rachelle isn't responsible, I don't think she is. I think it's Summit.

  • big su
    big su

    This is such a crock. There is no scheduling conflict. Rachelle was forced out. I guess when your father is Ron Howard….. Of course t at is the only reason BDH gets ro les in films. She has absolutely no personality on or off camera and c nnot act. This will RUIN Eclipse. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Look at Mummy 3. It is a garbage without Rachel.

  • twilightfan

    first of all i love Rachelle she brought Victoria to life but i don't think she was dropped because Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Ron Howard give Rachelle some credit if she had another project she wanted to pursue then then great i wish her all the luck but don't blame it on summit get the facts straight first

  • abigailcullen

    There insane they can't replace Rachelle she pretty talented and awesome

  • Paula

    Rachelle's other movie is shooting in Rome. There is no way they could work around her schedule. She must have chosen to stay with the other movie. BDH was great in M.Night Shamylan's The Village. She is a great actress. Give her a chance.

  • tatts09

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??no offence to miss howard but she SUCKED big time in spiderman 3...omg!!will they replace others cast members as well??nothings beats the original actors..

  • reneelucky7

    She is very beautiful girl-but I feel like this is a bad move on the directors part. There is this saying "If it is not broke- then don't fix it."

  • reneelucky7

    Wow, way to trash someone by throwing a completely baseless "rumor" out there. shame on you! This is what this guy does hun. He makes up lies and talks bull sh*t- trying so hard to be funny. Just ignore him like most people do on here. People that make up baseless rumors about people are complete losers that need to get a life

  • lace


  • Anon

    "This will RUIN eclipse" and "they are going to end up ruinin the franchise..." Makes me wonder what would happen to all of the melodramatic fans if they replaced one of the Cullens or, heaven forbid, a main character... Today it's being overdramatic on blog comments. Tomorrow - chaining themselves to Summit's doors? Drinking some kool aid and waiting for the End of Days? I'm a fan, but I'm not going to have a bad day because there's a different Victoria.

  • kk

    rachelle is victoria, she does the whole victoria thing down right, and the other girl doesnt even compared to rachelle.