Eliza Dushku Gets Dolled Up for 'FHM'

Eliza Dushku Gets Dolled Up for 'FHM'-photo

Aw, yeah; Eliza Dushku is promoting her series Dollhouse in the best possible way—by stripping down and posing seductively.

Dushku graces the cover of the September 2009 issue of FHM, which hits newsstands on Thursday, sporting...well, as little as possible. Which is a very good thing.

Equally revelatory is Dushku's interview, in which she discusses the joys of portraying a programmable Active for hire.

“Being an action hero has always been in my blood," Dushku offers. "So to come to work and have people stick guns in my face makes a lot of sense.”

Uh, yeah. To each his own! 

Check out our photos of Eliza in FHM and let us know in the comments section: Does Eliza's FHM layout make you more inclined to watch Dollhouse?



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  • bsjQUNY


  • Marc

    I love ya Eliza!!!!!!! I'm certainly looking forward to season 2 of Dollhouse, & more of you!! Will you marry me?

  • Kenza

    I rather see her then Megan Fox anyday!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    That girl's got a sweet little turd-cutter on her.

  • MHC2009

    She is hot! Rep Your Hood @ MYHOODCLOTHING