Megan Fox Is Getting Dumped For a Day

Rejection is not something Megan Fox has had to deal with lately. The blooming starlet is in the highest grossing picture of the year (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), has hot prospects on the rise like Jennifer’s Body, and the future probably seems limitless to her.

So why is, the man-site of record for those who want to know about such hot topics as the “Air Sex Championships,” joining forces with other like-minded pages to declare a Fox-less day?

In short, it’s because they’re tired of seeing her. Asylum has been so completely saturated with the minute details of her life that they are taking the day off on August 4th from all coverage of Fox, and have declared that anyone else feeling the Fox hangover should do the same.

So far, 14 Web sites, including, have signed up for the boycott.

In a related story, Celebuzz has announced that August 4 will be Megan Fox Day. Mark your calendars!

Leave us your comments: Are you sick of Megan Fox, or does she deserve to be celebrated every day, in every way?