Megan Fox Is Getting Dumped For a Day

Megan Fox Is Getting Dumped For a Day-photo

Rejection is not something Megan Fox has had to deal with lately. The blooming starlet is in the highest grossing picture of the year (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), has hot prospects on the rise like Jennifer's Body, and the future probably seems limitless to her.

So why is, the man-site of record for those who want to know about such hot topics as the "Air Sex Championships," joining forces with other like-minded pages to declare a Fox-less day?

In short, it's because they're tired of seeing her. Asylum has been so completely saturated with the minute details of her life that they are taking the day off on August 4th from all coverage of Fox, and have declared that anyone else feeling the Fox hangover should do the same.

So far, 14 Web sites, including, have signed up for the boycott.

In a related story, Celebuzz has announced that August 4 will be Megan Fox Day. Mark your calendars!

Leave us your comments: Are you sick of Megan Fox, or does she deserve to be celebrated every day, in every way?



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  • diamontina

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  • she sucks
    she sucks

    Megan Foxes career is done. She had the biggest break through luck with Michael Bay and she couldnt keep her mouth shut. Shes the biggest idiot ive ever seen, she had absolutely no notable acting experience. She was terrible in the first two movies, the story depended on Shia to make up for her inexperience, and lack of talent.

  • Beth

    reneelucky You for got to mention the lack of decency, brains, tact, manners, discretion and maturity. The superficial never ever last very long. Either she will learn quickly or have a very hard fall from the limelight.

  • dshir61

    I love that websites are taking time off covering something that they chose to cover to being with. She isn't the one writing articles, posting pictures, asking opinions, etc etc etc. If you don't want to cover her, don't. Its not that hard.

  • reneelucky7

    I think that Megan Fox would care less if some geeks on the interenet didn't watch her movie. She has a hot career, hot body and face, and a hot man.

  • hahaha

    Hopefully the Lohans and the Gosselins are next

  • OMGThatsFunny

    i agree with those sites, shes tiring

  • nth

    In Transformers 2 her close up with Shai was not that good. I realised then that she is a pretty girl but not all that. She has a nice body but so do so many female stars. They are trying to replace the original bad girl (Angelina) with a copy.

  • ccc

    google megan fox toe thumb

  • mhc2009

    She is sexy can't deny that! Rep Your Hood @ MYHOODCLOTHING

  • becky

    angelina jolie wanna be has to shown running ang screaming thats it ...ha ha ha and she paraded to the world almost the same style of dresses as angelina's . i looked at her face at her real face before she transformed to angelina look a like so different

  • mike

    sick of her from day 1

  • Dave

    Men are so over inked-up Angelina Jolie and Angelina Jolie wannabes like Megan Fox... pretty face, empty head and a body covered in ink bumper stickers, not appealing.

  • Jaxon

    sick of her, her tongue, her big mouth, her face