Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: More Tweeting, More Questions

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: More Tweeting, More Questions-photo

Is this really happening?

Yesterday, we told you about Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston's recent tweets to each other that seem awfully friendly, considering she supposedly dumped him last month for Nick Jonas.

Today, the mystery continues:

She tweeted, "When did being happy become like committing a crime?"

Umm...those are definitely lyrics from one of Justin's songs!

Then, another clue came, when she said "I would do anything to be in Franklin right now. I miss you Tennessee. :)"

Guess who's living in Tennessee these days? Yep, J-Gaston himself.

Justin responded with some love-dovey song lyrics from crooner Marc Broussard. "Dance for me sweetheart while I strum my guitar. You sure look pretty tonight. I've just come off the road and I could use the company."

What will tomorrow bring? We'll keep you informed!

For now, have your say in the comments section: Would you rather see Miley with? Nick or Justin?



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  • paulina

    hope she stays with justin (: because nick and her are just friends.. and not for nothing but theres someone better for nick

  • Mad

    Nick is a joke, Miley is tooo good for nick or any Jonas Brothers!! AGREE 100%!!! Nick is a NATO!!

  • cobi gurl
    cobi gurl

    she should so chose up no 1 cares, just dont hurt nick

  • miley's.gross.

    uhm, nick definetely does NOT need to be with miley. she can date anyone else but nick. shes nasty anyways, and nick deserves someone MUCH BETTER.

  • mell

    oh god this girl cant make up her mind?? (no offence i mean i love her) but seriously , first nick , then justin , then back to nick , and now justin again??!!

  • ahmoisesat

    she deserves no one.. i want her to die alone.. gee.. im evil.. haha.. dun care.. i hate miley.. i think she's a hipocryte.. sorry all miley lovers.. thats wut i see in her..

  • tash

    NICK! they are so cute together! NILEY X

  • zeil

    if miley's happy, then goo. i dont want nick or justin either if she doesnt want. but if she waants justin or nick, then go. if she's happy, we'll leave her in her decision. she's a big girl ^^ goo miley! :)

  • dina

    justin and miley are not getting back together! Her twittes could be about her fans or her love for jesus christ, or her friend lesley, who is having a birthday pary in tenn! Miley is not stupid enough to get back together with justin! They were not happy together! She is happy to be single and be best friends with nick!

  • joxxxx

    oh god i am getting tired of this idiot......for god's sake be with someone none of us cares!

  • Lolipop

    Id much rather see her with Justin. Nick is mine!

  • Jou


  • anna

    nononono! Hopefully, this is just reading into it because I was so glad when she finally departed from him. I just can't see nick without thinking miley... ugh, nick will probably go off and marry some other girl and miley will be with justin the rest of her life.

  • wow

    I'm sick of all this Niley crap. And if you truly are a fan of Miley's then your being a fan should NOT depend on who she dates. Personally Justin seems like a better person & not so self centered as the JB guy. Get over it & let the girl live her own life.

  • maria egypt_fan
    maria egypt_fan

    i think she should stay with nick as if in my opinin she doesnt deserve nick but who love forgive for the person who love and if nick is applied to return to miley i think he love her if u agree with me this is ma e-mail=

  • Sus

    So if you don't care -why even bother to comment?I'm not eather of their sides cause it really REALLY isn't any of our bisnes,she can do whatever she want's with her life and you have NO right to say anything bout it!And just if a girl writes she misses home doesn't mean she misses a person or even if she did who said it's Justin?Tell me one person never who get's homesick.?And for the record if you haven't noticed celebuzz is not so sure and honest page. Like that date between Zaz and Megan? C'mon guys you know it's not true.These sites writes things they THINK are the happening.Well i'll tell you something we don't really know anything about their life! I don't even know why did this page open?Thought to give it a comment since it opened all suddenly when i was in who writes positive stuff.Maybe my mouse went there by mistake(laptops)..

  • alessandra

    nick deserves someone better than mikley

  • jason

    Nick is a joke, Miley is tooo good for nick or any Jonas Brothers!!

  • lovi

    I hope they get back together ... Nick deserves better :)

  • dinas

    sorry I mean her best friend!

  • dina

    her mom twiited that he best friend lesly is having a birthday pary and miley wishes she could be there! She misses tenn beacuse of lesley and also the face should saw was lesley or her fans, or it could be jesus christ! She was not talking about justin at all! She could be also talking about nick! pl;ease do nopt start a romor about miley!

  • mhc2009

    She is only 16 Just feels wrong even talkin about her. Rep Your Hood @ MYHOODCLOTHING

  • dina

    her and justin will never get back together! He has a new girlfriend!

  • dina

    them twiiting does not mean anything! She was not talking about justin, she onlty twiied him once, just asking him a question! miley loves being single! She could be twiing about nick!

  • Sel

    Nick deserves someone better than Miley, it's true!

  • nana

    I think that Miley loves Nick more than he loves her(sorry)..but Justin is absolutely gorgeous and doesnt deserve to be in a 16years old love game,she is a child who doesnt know yet what she wants(fair enough)

  • guest

    nobody f*cking cares.

  • lulu

    OMG Miley and Justin are the worst couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miley totally belongs with Nick Niley for ever:)

  • Kaitlyn

    OMG!!!!! Just stay with nick already! No one cares!!!!! Nick deserves someone better than Miley!

  • sydney Grassmick
    sydney Grassmick

    Uh...I think she should be with Justin! seriously... Nick deserves someone better than Miley!!

  • jom

    just get straight to the point... i totally adore her yet if she continues with Justin ... I'm totally forgetting her

  • fiona

    OMG!!!!! Just stay with nick already! No one cares!!!!!

  • Ex miley fan
    Ex miley fan

    if u check mommytish tweets she said that a friend of miley is planning her bday party in franklin tennessee. thats why miley wants to be there. Im sick of miley (no offense) but shes like a spoiled girl. Stop confusing us miley.. also .. sb tweeted: "she is the only person on the planet who would choose a jobless, unnatractive 21 year old over nick jonas"