Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston: More Tweeting, More Questions

Is this really happening?

Yesterday, we told you about Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston’s recent tweets to each other that seem awfully friendly, considering she supposedly dumped him last month for Nick Jonas.

Today, the mystery continues:

She tweeted, “When did being happy become like committing a crime?”

Umm…those are definitely lyrics from one of Justin’s songs!

Then, another clue came, when she saidI would do anything to be in Franklin right now. I miss you Tennessee. :)”

Guess who’s living in Tennessee these days? Yep, J-Gaston himself.

Justin responded with some love-dovey song lyrics from crooner Marc Broussard. “Dance for me sweetheart while I strum my guitar. You sure look pretty tonight. I’ve just come off the road and I could use the company.”

What will tomorrow bring? We’ll keep you informed!

For now, have your say in the comments section: Would you rather see Miley with? Nick or Justin?