PHOTO GALLERY: Gisele Models Flasher Chic

For years, the “naked under the trench coat” look has been the sole province of dirty old men lurking in public parks. But now Gisele Bunchen is changing all that.

The Brazilian supermodel and Tom Brady arm candy serves as the model for renowned trench coat  company London Fog’s fall marketing campaign. To make sure that the focus of the ad remains on the product in question, Bundchen thoughtfully forsakes all other clothing in the campaign’s photos. What a trouper!

Oh, and to up the kink factor, Gisele is pregnant in the photos.

“Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump,” opines London Fog Chief Marketing Officer Dari Marder. “This London Fog campaign features a classic portrait of Gisele in an iconic London Fog trench; it is a very fitting image for this timeless brand.”

Do you agree? Click through the photos and let us know in the comments section!

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