PHOTO GALLERY: Mischa Barton in NYC

Fresh from her stint in psychiatric lockdown, Mischa Barton was spotted in New York City on Tuesday, looking chipper and ready to start work on her upcoming CW series The Beautiful Life.

Check out our gallery of Mischa pics and tell us in the comments section: Do you think Mischa Barton can hold it together long enough for a career comeback?



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  • w

    she still look horrible

  • Carolina

    she looks healthy her face is still puffy but i think she will be okay

  • Texassteed

    Besides the brown hair that is ugly as sin, she could be fine. Lighten it up girl!

  • reneelucky7

    Taking a bath can do wonders for a struggling actress.

  • reneelucky7
  • noah

    That smile is so forced. Looks like her dog ate all her anti-depressants.

  • reneelucky7

    She must be crazing walking around the city of NY with her night gown on.

  • loveydoveym

    she is more beautiful than past