Ashley Tisdale Says Kissing Zac Efron Was ‘Disgusting’

We have some bad news for Megan Fox—apparently, Zac Efron does not taste like a strawberry cupcake.

Ashley Tisdale had a chance to kiss the sizzling Hollywood hunk while filming The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and she had some pretty sour words to describe the experience.

She explains, “I did kiss Zac though. But that wasn’t in High School Musical. That was on Suite Life. That was behind closed doors. No, I’m just joking! That was disgusting actually. It was! He’s my best friend and so he’s like my brother and I’ve never been attracted to him cause he looked like he was 12 when I met him…So when I had to kiss him in the episode I’m like first of all it’s my best friend’s boyfriend and it’s awkward enough. But it’s like kissing your brother almost…But he made it really fun and comfortable.”

Even with Ashley’s bad review, we still wouldn’t mind having a taste ourselves.

 Let us know in the comments section: What do you think Zac would taste like?