Football Coach Says Tony Romo Didn’t Cheat on Jessica With His Daughter

Did Tony Romo cheat on Jessica Simpson?

Weeks after the pair split, rumors of infidelity on Romo’s part are becoming widespread. Romo has been linked to a woman by the name of Natalie Smith, however, her father is condemning the reports as “really very silly.”

John Smith, the associate athletic director at Romo’s alma mater Eastern Illinois University, spoke to People about the relationship rumors, saying, “His breakup brought all these rumors and stories and it is not true.”

Despite the fact that the pair dined together in Dallas last week, Smith says that the entire family, including his wife and three daughters, have “always been friends” with Romo since he was in school.

Her dad adds, “Natalie feels so bad. Just being friends with Tony has disrupted everyone [from] talking about Tony and football and are instead talking about Tony and all of this.”

Tony reports to pre-season training camping on Wednesday. “What is funny about all of this is that if Tony hadn’t broken up with Jessica, nothing would ever have been written about him having lunch with Natalie,” adds Smith.

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