Jennifer Aniston Is Going to Prison

Jennifer Aniston is going to be spending some time behind bars soon—but don’t worry, it’s for a movie role.

Life & Style reports that Aniston has inked a deal to produce and star in Goree Girls, a musical set in a women’s prison in the 1940s.

“Jennifer has finally signed on the dotted line to make Goree Girls her next movie as both star and producer,” says an insider. “She is gearing up to shoot this during the first eight weeks of 2010.”

The film, which is based on a true story, chronicles the tale of a group of female inmates in a Texas prison who become the first ever all-female country act. After gaining popularity for their musical offerings, they were eventually granted pardons.

Aniston is going to be a busy gal in the coming months. According to Variety, she’s also signed on to star in the romantic comedy Pumas, about a group of thirty-something women on a perpetual quest for younger men.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Jennifer Aniston can pull off a musical about women in prison?