Katherine Jackson to Receive Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids

Katherine Jackson to Receive Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids-photo

The custody battle over deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson's three children is over.

People magazine reports that a deal has been struck and the singer's mother, Katherine Jackson, will receive custody of Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (aka "Blanket"), as was requested in Jackson's will.

"There is no situation better for these children than for them to be raised and reared in the loving care of Mrs. Katherine Jackson," L. Londell McMillan, a lawyer for Katherine Jackson, announced on Thursday's The Early Show.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife and mother to Prince Michael and Paris, will reportedly receive visitation rights, but no extra money.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's best that Katherine receives custody of MJ's children?



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  • cynthia

    I am glad that Mrs. Jackson has her grandchildren, because they have been raised by a good family, but i won't include the grandfather casue i saw in the movie how he treated his kids and that was wrong all the abuse an then cheating on his wife and fathering another child, come on now. Mrs. Jackson maybe old but Michael loved his mom and new she would take good care of his kids, and if anything should happen to her they have aunts and uncles to take care of them and i don't think that they (the kids) would want to be anywhere else. And as for their mother, she already got money from him and she don't need no more, she needs to make her on way and just visit her kids and i hope she don't try to manipulate them and put bad thoughts in their heads.

  • Alicia

    Why did Dr Murry dead Michael Jackson like that is he mad in a way is sick in brain? Dr Murry is a Trinidad. Dr Murry is a fool now? Put him in jail now? Take Care Bye

  • bwalatum

    I do not understand how Debbie Rowe was allowed to keep coming for more and more money from MJ even after separation. Either MJ was too weak to challenge this woman in court or the American Justice system simply failed MJ. Debbie was using MJ like her "Mobile Bank"...WHY? I'm glad she is not getting anymore dosh from the Jackson empire...!

  • Tehirah

    Thank God the kids have gone to the Jackson family. Amen!

  • M

    it doesn't matter her age. It is Michaels wishes and I am sure Katherine is a smart lady and even if she does pass, the rest of the jackson family can take care of them, Rebbie, Latoya or Janet or any uncles,they have children they are raising. It is that simple. Keeping the kids in the jackson family is what the kids know best. I pray and am confident that they will be well taken care of. Best wishes to the whole jackson family.

  • motoxgirl4ever

    stfu ppl those kids have only grown up with the jacksons..not with debbie n r used 2 anoda way of life so this is a great choice n all u haters r just jealous...best of luck to katherine n the kids

  • LkMadison

    That's wrong to me. She's 79... These kids are going to get passed around again when she passes. How can someone think that was a good choice?