Paris Hilton Talks About Her Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Talks About Her Sex Tape-photo

It's about time!

Paris Hilton is finally talking about that famous X-rated video that surfaced of her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon back in 2003.

In her new MTV documentary, Paris, Not France, the socialite finally breaks her silence about the painful experience.

She explains, "By putting it in the film, it was really hard for me to have it in there, because it's something I never discussed. But I also think it's a big learning lesson, because I think a lot of girls, when they're in a relationship, they will love someone and trust them and maybe let them do that. I know that's happened to a lot of people. And you never know what they could do with it. Obviously I was humiliated, embarrassed and in shock that it happened."

She goes on, saying, "It wasn't my fault, it was something that someone did to me, so I've just learned to be a strong woman and nothing can hurt me at this point."

Wow, something positive comes out of Paris' mouth, that's a first!



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  • mardy525


  • BPJ

    Come on, each person has a right to his/her views and anyways, its her life. Besides, publicity, good or bad, is always good for a celebrity. "It's better to live in infamy than be forgotten to the sands of time." Personally, I think the whole thing is a bit setup.

  • Tom

    Watch the documentary you fools. You may learn something. Yet you same idiots think Brit is a good role model and actually think her music is good.

  • DN

    I got this feeling that, when i dont see PH for a long time, each time i see her again she looks older. In a bad sense, of course...

  • noah

    The night-vision did wonders for her skin.

  • ames

    i think she is actually being honest about this. she usually acts a lot more shallow. this quote actually makes sense

  • reneelucky7

    I don't even know any more.

  • Liraz

    it's not her fault for being a stupid hoe and let an ugly horny douche film them? she's whacko! why is she famous again?

  • reneelucky7

    She wants to talk about the sex tape for her career. If she really did not take part in the leak of the sex tape- then she needs to keep her mouth shut about it- not keep "promoting" the tape. It's sad that so many little girls look up to her. She is a terrible role model.


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