PHOTO GALLERY: Lindsay Lohan's a Blonde

Lindsay Lohan is definitely hitting the bottle these days—the bleach bottle, that is.

The 23-year-old actress spent a reported 11 hours at the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills yesterday and emerged as a super-blonde! 

The star died her signature red locks for her role in Robert Rodriguez's new movie Machete. However, she hates it! She tweeted to one of her fans, "it's for a movie. i miss it too :( i was sad when i heard -i begged. lol."

Check out Lindsay's new hair in our gallery. Do you prefer Linds as a blonde, brunette, or redhead? Share your thoughts below!



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  • quizy

    Why doesn't she ever shower? The girl needs to shower! she looks like she smells terrible all the time. Greasy and skeezy looking all the freaking time. SHOWER her somebody please give the girl a goddamn shower!

  • Shelley

    Disgusting no matter what the color, go away Lins you r a has been!

  • liraz

    blond is not for her. she's hiring the wrong stylist! why is she famous again?

  • Kaye

    Although I much prefer her as a redhead, I am glad to hear that she's working agiain.

  • Oblaadee

    She has a coat on, did she steal the other like the fur-fiasco? How can she afford 10 hours of hair styling and not working? Pro bono work?

  • agentquill

    She looks TERRIBLE as a blonde. Cheap and dirty.

  • musclesmarinara

    She'd be much sexier if she got corn-rows.

  • reneelucky7

    Lindsay, are you huffin paint again? Back to Rehab!

  • stallown3d

    Wait, why is she carrying bug spray? Or is that bear mace?

  • noah

    Very Clockwork orange of her.

  • ames

    looks good as a blonde, less dirty in a way