PHOTO GALLERY: Speidi Expecting?

Please tell us this is a joke.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (check out Spence's super-sweet cowboy hat) were spotted on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, where they were shopping for baby clothes at Kitson Kids. Knowing them, it's just a publicity stunt. 

At least they're having fun.

Check out the new gallery and let us know in the comments: WHEN is Speidi going to finally go away?



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  • barbara02

    I think they have an exclusive paparazzi, only for themselves, so thery pose to the photos...this pic isn't expontaneous at all! So fake! Such a fake couple! And what is that cowboy hat????????

  • shari

    Congratulations, Ababy is an amazing blessing. And will change your lives in such an amazing way

  • Danielle

    gah they really should get real they are all about the money and i am really tired of hearing about them.. it would be different if they actually had some tallent but they dont have nothing at all...

  • Rhiannon

    oh please dont be pregnant a mixture of heidi and spencer....ewww true it probably is a publicity stunt

  • Shevi

    The Anti-Christ is born. WORD.

  • Nesty

    They've been out of the spotlight for two weeks, their starting to get desperate.

  • Mel

    if they ever have a child, that will literally be the worst news possible on this planet

  • reneelucky7

    I think that it is so funny when people from the city try to look and act like they are from the country.These two idiots wouldn't know what a cow looked like.

  • ha

    they are so funny to watch

  • thais

    ugh this is so publicity stunt.. they do anything to get some of atention...

  • scratness


  • lola m
    lola m

    Thats gunna be one f*cked up kid...just saying

  • EvieJ

    If she is pregnant, she's not far enough along to know if it's a boy or girl (usually at the 20odd-week scan and she's not 20 weeks (if any at all) by the look of her stomach). Publicity stunt....surprise, surprise.

  • heather

    these two are ridiculous...this is just a publicity stunt

  • noah

    I hope she does her Playboy pictorial when she's 9 months pregnant -- that would definitely sell some copies.

  • reneelucky7

    The Anti-Christ is born.

  • reneelucky7

    Since he loves money so much- someone need to pay him millions to be castrated. These two don't need to be reproducing any demon babies.

  • karaa

    Please no.

  • Brittany

    If she was really that early that she isn't showing, how would she know what sex it is? My sister is heavier than Heidi Montag, and she wasn't showing until three months. Total publicity stunt. If not, these two need to stop letting the world in on everything that happens ith them.

  • reneelucky7

    It makes me sick that the only think these two idiots care about it publicity and money. If she is prego then it is more likely a PR move. Even their marriage was a PR move

  • meganleigh

    Agrree. Like Heidi, but not sure about Spencer

  • Debbie

    Thet need to become adults themselves before adding baby. Just saying