Two Police Chiefs Arrested in Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Scandal

Two Police Chiefs Arrested in Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Scandal-photo

Crooked cops alert!

WTOV News 9 reports that police chiefs Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack have been arrested in connection to an investigation around the surrogate mother who recently gave birth to Sarah Jessica Parker's twins.

Carpenter, the police chief of Martins Ferry, Ohio, and Dojack, the police chief of Bridgeport, Ohio, are believed to have participated in a scheme to break into the surrogate's Martins Ferry home so that they could obtain information to sell to tabloids.

Bruce Callarik, the son of Bridgeport mayor John Callarik and Dojack's father-in-law, was also arrested.

All three were booked into the Belmont County Jail at approximately 9 o'clock and Wednesday night, and apparently posted bond shortly thereafter.  The trio is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.



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  • caliquestguest

    I'm glad justice prevailed.... there are no checks and balances in play in this situation..... father-in law mayor, son in law police chief.... crooked...... shameful..... its everywhere and its called corruption

  • ohiovalleyresident

    The chiefs were not formally charged and no bond was set or posted. This was an anticipatory booking at the county jail following a true bill sent down by the special grand jury. They will be formally charged tomorrow and bond will be set at that time. The charges will also be announced then.

  • reneelucky7

    I am glad that these police officers were arrested. It should make a good example to other police officers that just because you wear a badges does not mean that you can do whatever you want.