VIDEO: Joe Jackson Confirms Michael Jackson's Lovechild

VIDEO: Joe Jackson Confirms Michael Jackson's Lovechild-photo

You can always count on family to air your dirty laundry after you die.

In an interview with NewsOne, Joe Jackson, father to deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson, confirms the rumors that Omer Bhatti is, in fact, Jackson's secret fourth child.

Well, it was a secret, anyway. Check out Joe Jackson's revelation below:

Let us know in the comments section: Are you surprised by this turn of events? Or by Joe Jackson's lack of tact?



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  • Kels

    It's a fuxxin' shame that this piece of stool can even go on t.v and speak about his son.. He should be ashamed of himself.. Let Micheal rest in peace already.. I guess this is what he was protecting his kids from.. This sh*t. All he ever wanted was their money.. He needs to get a job and stop sucking everyone dried.. So wat if Micheal had a love child.. That's his business and no one else.. Just leave him alone and let the man rest in peace already.. Damn..

  • Chrys

    I do not believe that Omer Bhatti is MJ's lovechild. He stayed at Neverland Ranch with his parents as they used to be employed by Michael. I refuse to believe that as shy as Michael was, that he would have a so-called one night stand and NOT use protection. I would like to think that he was smarter than that. I will believe it WHEN there is a blood test for sure!!!

  • lisa

    I'm far from a supporter of Joe Jackson so I wanted to put that out there first but what he did in this video is confirm what anyone that has been following the MJ saga already suspected. He was asked a straighforward question and gave the interviewer a straightforward answer that yes, he was aware that MJ had another child. Come on, the young man sat in the front row with the other Jackson kids. MJ was presumably very close with this child and the mother (both of whom resided at Neverland for a period of time) of this child and involved in this boy's life. The question remains whether Omar and "blanket" have the same biological mother? Actually, while I do not like Joe J., He has from the get go suspected foul play and said it immediately following his son's death and answered a question without running around the bush. What was he going to say, "No" and deny knowing the child? I do not believe that MJ would have wanted that. Now Joe's tooting his new company at this time as sickened me and the way he "allegedly" mistreated his kids. But on this once count, I think he did ok.

  • cynthia

    why don't they just let Michael rest in peace. if this is his son give him a blood test. and another thing i don't care to much for his father, cause when i saw the movie about the jackson's and the way he did them, he just makes me sick. and when they did the michael jackson story on E! they left out the abuse like it didn't happen. his daddy needs to get a new life. and i hope that his 3 kids never forget their father and love him always. and as Michael said in one of his songs 'LEAVE ME ALONE.'

  • runner305


  • He's a Liar
    He's a Liar

    Looks like he is on drugs higher than a kite.... He lies so much I don't think he even knows the truth. That goes to show you Fame and money only make you sick... In more ways than one. Never enough, Never Happy, Never Love for Life. Only the Love of "MORE MONEY"

  • Paw

    I can't believe guys his age are still attention seekers. o_O WHY DOESN'T HE SHUT UP ALREADY?

  • reneelucky7

    Look at him looking like a f*cked up old pimp. He makes me sick.