VIDEO: Prepare to Meet ‘The Collector’

Prepare yourselves—a wave of fear is about to wash across the nation’s theater screens.

The Collector, a new horror-thriller from the scare-mongers behind the last three installments of the Saw series, hits the big screen on July 31, promising to give theater-goers everywhere a case of the willies.

The movie, which stars The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’s Josh Stewart, Friday Night LightsDaniella Alonso, Rescue Me’s Andrea Roth and 24’s Michael Reilly Burke, revolves around the story of a handyman and ex-con who schemes to rob his boss’ home, only to discover that another villain already has already laid claim to the property.

Before long, the hapless jailbird finds himself facing off against a masked “Collector” in a horrific maze of torturous devices and sheer terror. Yikes! We’re trembling already.