PHOTO GALLERY: Jon Gosselin's Pick-up Fence

Jon Gosselin doesn't even need to leave his home nowadays to pick up the young ladies.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad, who is definitely single and loving it, was spotted mingling with two cute blonds who were hanging out outside his Reading, PA home yesterday. The threesome took pictures while laughing and smiling together.

You just can't make this stuff up. Check out our new gallery here!



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  • Deb

    When your wife tells you it is over in Oct....wouldn't any guy be looking for sex? I think he thinks he's in love cuz of the sex. And talking to the ladies doesn't mean he's picking them up.

  • Duane Stahl
    Duane Stahl

    jon when you got rid kate that was the best thing you did there are to many women out there doing the same thing she just did marring a man for a few year getting what thay want and boom!! DIVORCE

  • sharon

    Is Jon Gosselin the next "pregnant man". He looks about ready to pop.

  • me

    This guy lacks class and needs to grow up fast instead of trying to act like a high school jock

  • me

    he can't even leave the girls alone while he is at his childrens home, he lacks class and he needs to start acting like a responsible adult instead of a male whore

  • liz

    he looks fat!

  • dessertgirl

    Is Jon Gosselin the next "pregnant man". He looks about ready to pop.


    omg please tell me what the attraction is to a pre divorcee who is overweight ,balding and has eight children. i'd say its his overwhelming personality but ah NOT! Come on fellow women is this what we,ve resorted to in the male species yuck!