PHOTO GALLERY: Russell Brand Snorts Around With the Kids

Oh, Russell Brand! What are you doing!

The actor was spotted filming scenes from the new movie Get Him To The Greek in New York City on July 30, 2009. In some shots, he's seen snorting cocaine at a kids' soccer game in some super-short, red shorts.

As you may know, Greek is the sequel to last year's hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

This movie is bound to be all sorts of ridiculous.

Are you ready to see these pictures? Check out the gallery and share your comments below!



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  • Wayne

    Beautiful pics of Russ with the children such a Jeasus figure...Love & Light x It's JESUS, not Jeasus, and Jesus would never snort coke around the children.

  • xmzxbrandx

    good to see he's wering undies lol

  • russfan

    Beautiful pics of Russ with the children such a Jeasus figure... Love & Light x

  • CheeZy

    I don't think that is a "kid" in the blue shirt... I think that might be a little person? He's too big and the hand gestures are more of an adults.


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