Zac Efron Off The Deep End?

For Zac Efron, it’s simple: He wants it all.

Or at least that was his motto last weekend at the Opus Bar in Vancouver when he tried to drink it all. The High School Musical star was spotted with friends downing drinks as if this was the last chance to make it his night.

“They were all about partying,” said an insider to Fox News. “They were downing one Bitter Cherry Salome Sour after another, until they moved on to super strong Belvedere vodka and sodas.”

Despite onlookers claims of outlandish “celebration”, Efron doesn’t envision his life becoming the standard rise-and-fall downward spiral story that has ruined so many other up-and-comers before him.

“You know what, I do not want to fall victim to that, it’s too easy and too often done. It’s out of style anyway,” Efron has explained in the past. “I think too many people have done it before me, I’m not going to.”

And he pointed out, “I think the rebellious thing to do would to actually be successful.”

Hmm…watch out for those Belvederes then, Zac!

Leave us your comments: Should Zac Efron curb his drinking before it’s too late?

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