VIDEO: Brooke Hogan Sings LIVE on Good Day NY

Our favorite reality TV star turned soulful singer, Brooke Hogan, definitely got our attention when she preformed LIVE on Good Day NY earlier this week.

She belted out those notes during her acoustic rendition of Hey Yo and she actually did a pretty good job doing it.

It also didn't hurt having Colby O'Donis sing backup either. He almost drowned her voice out completely.

With songs titled Ruff Me Up, Strip, and Handcuffed, Brooke is definitely pulling out the crowd pleasers.

Wonder what the choreography for her music videos will be like? We can only sit and wait patiently.

What do you think about Brooke's performance?



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  • Victor

    This is a really cool song, and she sang it very well and Colby O'Donis is amazing. A perfect duet

  • DN

    she is really good live...most peope dont sing to well when they are live... I agree with you!!!! Yet, I think she should have distanced a little from being, you know, a Hogan, using an artistic name, not commenting about her fam, etc. And yes, marketing and styling...

  • P...94!

    she is really good live... most peope dont sing to well when they are live...

  • George P.
    George P.

    I think they did a very good performance of the song. I love the track, and I think it really shows the best of Brooke's vocals among all her previous singles (the studio edit includes her holding a long note towards the end of the bridge). I wish them the best, and I hope radio finally starts adding it to their select "Top-40" only playlists...

  • Kyle

    I've met her and she's nice and all but I just don't see her becoming a major musician. She puts her foot in her mouth on a daily basis, she's scandal ridden, and her music/look is unoriginal. There's a reason girls like Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are domianting the pop scene, because they're pushing the boundaries, she doesn't.

  • reneelucky7

    I just don't think that this song sounds orginal. It just sounds like I have heard this song before.

  • ames

    she is very good, colby is better, but together they sound rly good. i think people underestimate her