Brooke Hogan: "My Mom Really Hurt Me"

Brooke Hogan:

Does she ever stop talking about this?

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Redemption singer Brooke Hogan yaps about her damaged relationship with mom Linda.

"She’s done some things that, you know, I don’t think any mother would ever do. I love her so much but, you know, it’s just a lot of the things she did really hurt me,” says the 21-year-old singer. “So I wrote a song on my new album called ‘Dear Mom.’ It’s pretty brutal, but it’s honest."

We've heard it and yes, Brooke, it's brutal indeed.

Like many families that choose to show their lives on reality TV, her parents fell victim to the divorce curse. But does she think the cameras are to blame? "It definitely adds extra pressure," she says. "I mean, you can’t air out your shorts or scream your head off when you want to. But if the problem is underlying, it’s bound to come out at some point."

She hasn't lost both parents during the bitter divorce battle. Brooke admits that she is closer than ever to dad Hulk Hogan and loves how involved he has been with her show Brooke Knows Best. "He’s been on the show like six times. He’s going to go on my show, some more. He always pops in."

Do you think Brooke and her mom will ever make up? Share your thoughts below!



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  • Tonja

    Isn't it okay for a 40 or 50 something guy to date someone that young? BUT, it is NOT okay to date someone that age that went to school with your kids. I do say that personally I don't know what on earth they could have in common unless the elder person is reliving their childhood.

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  • asshole

    man, Brooke, as much as I agree with your stand against animal cruelty, I have to admit, you're a total creep, What happened with your parents was between them not you. Leave them alone, and move on with your life. You scare me, and make me envy the quadroplegics, and guy fierir

  • shling

    She's a big girl but, very pretty, and seems to have a level head on her shoulders, which is why she's having such a hard time with her mom. She's at least trying to make it on her own, and seems to be doing alright, which is more than you can say about a lot girls her age. Her mom's an idiot, and has to be a complete embarrassment for Brooke. The whole situation has to be very hurtful for her.

  • Adam

    damn! I thought she was 65

  • Lola

    She looks way older than 21. I would have thought about 40. She looks like an old cougar trying to get a young guy by dressing like a whore.

  • Laura.

    I have no idea who this person is - she's not famous in England - but I'm pretty shocked to see that she's only 21. I would've said about 35. Also, it really irritates me the way everyone wants to be blonde these days - bleach blonde, no less. And orange. And WHY SO MUCH MAKE-UP? Agh. I know that's -technically- her business, but she's not the one who has to look at it. Plus, I'm jealous. I could spend the money she must have so much more wisely. :(

  • awurbii

    I hate seeing situations like this. It is really horrible to see a mother and daughter fighting for whatever reason. Family is all that most of us have. To make matters worse the situation is being followed by the media and since their so used to the attention, their using it to get their feelings across instead of dealing with it personally. Hopefully Brooke and her mother can reconcile

  • reneelucky7

    Brooke- you either need to go to counseling, or cut the umbilical cord and grow up. If you were talented you wouldn't have to use your family problems to sell you crappy CD.