PHOTO GALLERY: Jon Gosselin on Diaper Duty

Jon Gosselin took a break from fooling around with his lady loves to take care of his children. With all the attention on Jon and his many girlfriends, we almost forgot that pops has eight kids waiting for him at home.

Kate Gosselin needs some time to date too, Jon!

Kate's baby daddy was seen carrying a diaper at his house in Reading, PA on Saturday afternoon. Jon should get his current flames to help in on his fatherly duties! After all if they want to be on the show, they need to show they are committed.

Jon also showed his fatherly instinct when he handed the photographer outside some sun block. This sweet, caring side may be what is making the baby daddy such a hot chick magnet.

Tell us what you think makes Jon such an eligible bachelor after checking out our new gallery!



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  • danielle

    Its not a diaper that he is carrying, its a huggies swimmer.

  • Deanna

    Jon has man-boobies. Nice.

  • frankiebla

    Jon and Kate Plus 8 Souvenir Divorce Tiles

  • dariaandreevna

    fence-inspired shorts... any i thought the ed hardy ones were suspect!

  • amy

    Jon looks like it might be jon and Kate plus 9..when did he get pregnant!? Nice gut!!

  • reneelucky7

    Old enought to tell him to buy jewlery and Ed Hardy clothes.

  • theultimatewarrior

    Maybe the diapers are for his girlfriend? He likes them young. Old enough to crawl...

  • Hugh

    His kids don't wear diapers any more. Who's that for?

  • reneelucky7

    Maybe the diapers are for his girlfriend? He likes them young.

  • sebsmom

    Why is he carrying a diaper? His youngest children are 5 years old. They don't wear diapers.

  • lahe27

    why the heck would jon give the photographer sun block if he is the one pestering him, and taking pictures!?