Jennifer's Body: New Stills!

Jennifer's Body: New Stills!-photo

Call us crazy, but we kind of prefer Megan Fox without the blood-soaked fangs.

Even more stills from Fox's upcoming horror-thriller Jennifer's Body, in which she plays a cheerleader gone very, very bad, have made their way onto the Internet, proving once again that Fox can send a chill up the spine even without all the gory make-up.

Click through the pics and tell us in the comments section: Do you think Jennifer's Body will make a killing or die a horrible death at the box office?



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  • What's with shitty FEM movies?
    What's with shitty FEM movies?

    You mean a *va jay jay* flick?

  • reneelucky7

    I asked mu guy if he wanted to see this movie and he was like "Hell No!" "Have I ever watched anything with Megan Fox in it?" Which the answer would be no- but trying to make a point that not all men are going to be running to the theaters to see this. Jennifers Body comes off as more of a "chick flick" to me.

  • Al Pelaez
    Al Pelaez

    Cant wait to see Jennifer's Body due on september

  • Mikey

    I think she has on some of those hooters leggings. I just can't get over them having this hag play a highschooler. She looks more like a porn star who's been rode hard and put away wet. Of course all the penis' they actually made this movie for won't care. Look at her acting in Transformers, she was terrible, yet the movie was #1 for how long? Men are so naive and will pay any amount of money to watch a sh*t movie with a skany trollop.

  • amy

    wow her legs are horrible in that cheerleader outfit!!