Jessica Simpson Talks About Her Undies

Now that she’s cleared some space on her social calendar, Jessica Simspon has plenty of time for other pursuits—such as her new Jessica Simpson Intimates lingerie line, which debuts in Vandale showrooms in Manhattan this week.

To celebrate her new endeavor, J-Simps sat down with to discuss her signature-brand scanties, along with her general love for frilly underthings. Read on for the scintillating details.

“My lingerie reflects the way I’m feeling when I wake up and helps me set the tone for my day,” Simpson proclaims. “I think lingerie is a special part of what you wear every day. It’s fun to pick different colors and styles. What you wear underneath your clothes helps define the outfit, whether T-shirt bras, push-up bras, different patterns and colors, you always have to choose what works best.”

As for her own contribution to the noble legacy of underwear, the actress/singer reveals that Jessica Simpson Intimates “centers around great basics for every day that are comfortable and fit your body. We spent a lot of time on the details. I really wanted to make this line special.”

Among Simpson’s favorites in the line are a “beautiful” Morocco-inspired print group, an “adorable” seersucker group, and a “flirty and fun” denim and floral set.

Overall, she says, Jessica Simpson Intimates will be “feminine and sweet with a hint of fun.”

Of course; how could any lingerie collection that includes seersucker not be?

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