Joe Jackson Sent Packing by Child-Custody Agreement

Joe Jackson Sent Packing by Child-Custody Agreement-photo

Joe Jackson might want to start scanning the "Roommates Wanted" section of Craigslist.

Showbiz 411 reports that the child-custody agreement forged between deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe and Jackson's mother Katherine has a non-negotiable clause that Jackson's father Joe must move out of the family home in Encino, California.

As was reported last week, Katherine will be receiving custody of Jackson's three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket). Earlier reports indicated that Jackson and Rowe were working together to prevent Joe from having contact with any of the children.

Looks like Joe will have to find another group of kids to mold into the next singing sensation.

Sound off in the comments section: Is this a wise decision, or does Joe Jackson deserve to have a hand in raising his grandchildren?



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  • RSO

    Based on what I read about Joe, giving him custody or a say would be like granting a pedophile the right to open a day care center.

  • Gena

    This is a nasty lie started by Roger Friedman on Showbiz411. He hated Michael and does whatever he can to make the family look bad. Katherine spoke out against this lie on Geraldo on Saturday and last night on CNN, her attorney said that Joe Jackson was involved in the children's lives when Michael was alive and will continue to be involved in their lives. There was NO AGREEMENT to ban him Hayvenhurst. As the attorney said, "Michael forgave his father but no one seems to want to remember that" This is something the media is portaying as Michael himself said his father is a much nicer man now. Joe was at Paris' birthday party a few months ago. These tabloids especialy Friedman loves to tell lies.

  • Missy

    I hope this is true! Not only shoud he not live there, he should not be permitted to visit them because I don't trust Katherine!

  • Mike

    They need him to move out of state at least - the guys a proven menace to children!

  • someone

    I thought he actually lives in Las Vegas???