Ashlee Simpson Says Jessica Is “Strong” and “Amazing”

Ashlee Simpson is speaking out in defense of her recently-dumped sister Jessica.

Ashlee told Us at the CBS, CW, CBS Television Studios & Showtime TCA party on Monday, “I don’t think I’ve ever known anybody stronger than her. My sister is amazing. I spend so much time with her.”

The time she spends with her sister and the rest of her family will have to be split with her new job, however, as Ashlee is now a resident of the new Melrose Place.

How is she handling the pressure of splitting work and raising her son Bronx Mowgli Wentz

“It’s been good so far,” she said. “For me, I wanted to do something that’s a bit more stable, and it’s been that, which has been perfect. And we get to travel. We’ve been to Paris, Japan, everywhere with my son. And he’s so happy and healthy. I’m very fortunate he’s on a good schedule.”

Ashlee is super excited for fans to see her dark side on the show, where she plays the character Violet. “She’s interesting. I think she’s creepy. I think that she’s unaccepted and wants to be loved.”

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