Stephenie Meyer: A Real Scene-Stealer?

Did Stephenie Meyer bite the plot for Breaking Dawn from another writer?

TMZ reports that a lawyer for Jordan Scott has fired off a copyright-infringement claim to Breaking Dawn’s publisher, claiming that Twilight authoress Meyer lifted BD’s storyline from Scott’s own work, The Nocturne.

In the letter (read it for yourself here), Scott’s attorney, J. Craig Williams, claims numerous similarities between The Nocturne, which was published in 2006 (and was excerpted on Scott’s Web site prior to that) and Breaking Dawn, which hit bookstore shelves in August 2008.

Among the alleged parallels:

  • Both works contain a wedding scene and a post-wedding sex scene on the beach.
  • Both works contain a scene about a woman who’s sick because she’s carrying a child with evil powers.
  • In both works, the wife of the main character dies.

Hmm; coincidence…or not?

For the record, Meyer’s rep claims that Scott’s claims are “completely without merit.”

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Do you think Stephenie Meyer might have done a little bit of borrowing when she wrote Breaking Dawn?