Brooke Hogan Offered Wrestling Job by WWE

With her music career careening along with the momentum of a runaway freight train, Brooke Hogan doesn’t need to mull over any alternate job options. But that hasn’t stopped World Wrestling Entertainment from trying to recruit her into the ring.

Hogan tells British newspaper the Sun that WWE head honcho Vince McMahon has tried several times to get her to follow in her father Hulk Hogan’s footsteps.

“The WWE have told me that if I ever want to become a wrestler all I need to do is walk through the door and they’ll give me a job straight away,” Hogan reveals. “They are always like, ‘Hey Brooke when are you gonna put on some spandex and get in the ring?'”

So what’s stopping her?

“It’s just not my interest,” Hogan shrugs. “I’m more of a girly girl.”

Totally. Because when one thinks of femininity, one’s thoughts naturally drift to Brooke Hogan. The Brooke Knows Best star does, however, reckon that she’s be a pretty decent grappler if she tried her hand at it.

“I would be good at it though, I would really kick ass at it—because I’m really strong and my dad’s trained me up since I was 12 years old,” Brooke notes.

It’s a shame that she’s not interested in stepping into the ring. From what we’ve seen, Brooke would probably bust out some pretty entertaining moves. And who wouldn’t pay good money to see Brooke settle her differences with mama Linda by putting her in a chokehold?

Let us know in the comments section: Would you like to see Brooke Hogan take up professional wrestling?