Jessica Simpson Weighs In With Glamour

Jessica Simpson Weighs In With Glamour-photo

Fresh from her split with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson turns up on the September issue of Glamour magazine to dish about, among other things, her lifelong struggle with her weight and a negative body image.

"When I was young, I would look at magazines and feel a lot of pressure," Simpson recalls. "As a child of 12, I would write things in my journal like, 'I'm lying here and all I can think about is that my stomach is hanging over my underwear.' That disturbs me even today! I was always disconnected from myself; there was this idea of perfection I couldn't ever get to. But all women struggle with insecurity, and we all have something we don't like about ourselves."

Simpson continues, "It’s not fair that women look in the mirror and feel disgust because of what society has made them believe about beauty. I’ve been through it myself and understand the pressures. We’re all facing the same struggles together, whether you’re a celebrity or not.”

Maybe so, but few women have had the sort of high-profile battle of the bulge that Simpson has. Though after her latest breakup, Jess seems determined to slim back down and is even rumored to currently be on something called a "revenge diet."

Interesting, though, that Simpson would complain about magazines focusing on women's weight—while talking to a magazine about her weight.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think the media is too obsessed with Jessica Simpson's weight? Do you think Jessica Simpson is too obsessed with her weight?



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  • Courtney

    ok im really really sorry but she looks down right SCARYYYY in that picture & shes not the top of my list for important people . im sorry to me she cant sing ... & she doesnt do anything anymore like wtf does she do ? seriously ? .... her music sucks she cant even make it in country cmon she should really just stop maybe she could design clothes but im sorry to me shes just not really pretty to me . & she always has something dumbbbb to say . she cant make it in music so she needs a new job . sorry but this is my opinion .

  • teri

    jessica is amazing. she is very unfairly mocked about everything--her weight--whatever she says--even when she breaks up with someone they always make her the clingy-attention hungry villian. she seems so down to earth and everybody who works with her and knows her love her. she doesn't make unrealisitc standards she shows that she goes up and down. she has to work hard--diet and exercise-- to make herself better and she is very open about it. she gave up junk food and worked out so much she could hardly walk. she has gotten everything from hard work and actually makes smart business decisions--not just getting where she is because her daddy owns a hotel chain or was a singer first like so many celebrities today. she is someone you would want to be friends with. i hope she finds someone great. she deserves it.

  • md

    jess is gorgeous!!she has an amazing body!!She is HOt!!

  • JenniferV

    I agree ames. How can she talk about how much she disagrees with societies standards of beauty and spend $25,000.00 on hair/make-up/clothes for her new show? Sure I guess that shows how insecure she is but at the same time she is making herself to be an impossible standard to live up to for the other women who cannot afford to perfect themselves by those extravigant means.

  • ames

    jessica is retarded. she's talking about how women shouldn't feel pressure because of what society makes them believe, but when she played daisy duke that probably made SO many girls feel insecure. its kinda hypocritical