Kate Gosselin Is So Very, Very Lonely

Poor Kate Gosselin.

While her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin is busy chasing every female he can get within reach of, the spiky-haired Jon & Kate Plus 8 matriarch is languishing away in a life of extreme loneliness—at least, as lonely as a woman caring for eight children can be.

Gosselin’s good gal-pal Jamie Ayers tells Life & Style magazine that, despite Kate’s often abrasive screen presence, Gosselin does have a heart—and it’s getting stepped all over these days.

“She’s lonely now that Jon’s gone,” Ayers reveals.

Ayers adds that Gosselin has been filling the void left in her heart by trying to fill both parental roles at once.

“Kate’s trying to do more than be just a mom,” Ayers says, “the kind of stuff Jon would’ve done. She wants to be well-rounded for the kids.”

Of course, that leaves precious little time for Kate to find a new man in her life. Surely, there must be some recently unattached man out there for Kate.

Let us know in the comments section: Who do you think would be a good romantic match for Kate Gosselin?