Miley Cyrus’ Suspected Stalker Arrested Yet Again

If it’s true that you’re nobody in show-biz until you have your very own stalker, then Miley Cyrus has just hit the big time.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that 53-year-old Appling, Georgia, resident Mark McLeod was taken into custody at his home on Tuesday and slapped with a charge of attempted stalking.

McLeod was initially arrested in June after making “inappropriate comments” to young girls on Tybee Island, where Cyrus has been filming her upcoming movie The Last Song. McLeod allegedly screamed obscenities and tried to head-butt a police officer as he was placed under arrest during the incident. He was initially charged with disorderly conduct, but was released from Chatham County Jail due to overcrowding.

Authorities believe that McLeod had returned to Tybee Island since the June incident, despite being warned to stay away from Cyrus. 

That wasn’t the only time that McLeaod—who has claimed that the Hannah Montana star has communicated with him through secret messages in photos and her TV show—has been accused of getting dangerously close to Cyrus.

In March, he stood outside a book signing by Cyrus in Manhattan and expressed his love for her, declaring his intention to marry the 16-year-old. Check out a video of McLeod’s love declaration below:

Say what you will about the man, but he certainly knows how to rock a fur hat.

McLeod is currently being held at the Columbia County Detention Center until Tybee Island police pick him up.