Paula Abdul Wanted $20 Million to Stay on American Idol

The details behind Paula Abdul’s departure from American Idol are starting to emerge, and it looks like it was mostly about the Benjamins—and lots of them.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Abdul—who earned about $2 million from the show last year—was demanding $20 million to remain with the popular singing competition.

Abdul had reportedly rejected an offer to bump up her salary by 30 percent, which would have netted her $10 million over a multi-year deal.

Moreover, the New York Times reports that Abdul “felt unappreciated” in recent months, particularly after AI host Ryan Seacrest inked a multi-year deal reportedly worth $45 million.

But a non-monetary factor may have played a part in Abdul’s decision to leave—apparently Paula was “surprised and upset” by the addition of fourth AI judge Kara DioGuardi, who just re-upped for the new season of Idol on Monday.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Paula Abdul was short-changed, or was she getting a little too greedy?