Leonardo DiCaprio Is The King Of The ‘Brave New World’

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly teaming up with legendary sci-fi filmmaker Ridley Scott (of Blade Runner and Alien fame) for an on-screen adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s classic dystopian nightmare novel Brave New World, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Currently, the two are only signed on to produce the project, but it is expected that Scott will take the helm as director with DiCaprio as his leading man.

Published in 1932, the novel is set in the 26th century during a long period of world-wide peace under rule of a unified global government called The World State. Natural human reproduction has become outdated, making way for hatcheries that can grow thousands of babies at a time, and monogamy, along with the idea of family, is a thing of the past.

Bernard, the story’s main character and the likely role for DiCaprio, derails this perfect system when he falls in love.

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