Paula Abdul Swamped With TV Offers

Paula Abdul Swamped With TV Offers-photo

Don't feel bad for Paula Abdul just yet.

The beloved American Idol Judge, who just announced that she would not be returning for the upcoming season of the show due to contract disputes, isn't going to be pressed for dough.

Just two days after the announcement, some exciting things are coming through for the entertaining celeb.

Yesterday, Abdul flew to Peachtree City, Georgia, to finish shooting her upcoming cameo on the Lifetime dramedy Drop Dead Diva.

In addition, at least two mega-popular TV shows are interested in reserving a seat for the Idol judge: The View and Dancing With The Stars.

Rumor is that producers of The View would love to have Paula on board. "We love Paula," a rep for the show tells E! "She was always welcome on the program in the past and always will be in the future."

DWTS judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, who has wanted to work with Paula in the past, also has high hopes for the star to join his show as a judge.

He told reporters, "Absolutely there’s no question about that. I don’t know anyone who’s had her experience. I’ve been trying to get her since season one. I spoke to her yesterday morning. We didn’t talk about the negotiations. That’s a private issue,” he said. “We’re going to Vegas for season six this weekend and she’s coming out to meet me and we’re going to talk about what opportunities are out there."

Now, have your say in the comments section: What show do you want to see Paula Abdul on?



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  • Judy

    Paula, it is you and your interaction with Simon and contestants that makes the show worth watching!

  • Beauty

    Ryan Seacrest get a $45 million 3-year deal. Simon Cowell is in negotiations for $100 million PER YEAR, on top of the first rights to sign A.I. contestants (including the winner) to recording and management contracts. Simon currently gets $30 million PER YEAR!!! Paula Abdul's effort to assert her worth to the show (which banks about a BILLION dollars a year with the show, tour, recording/management deals and merchandising, etc) by asking for a mere $3-$7million per year will not break the bank or signify her supposed "greed", "self-importance", or unawareness of the current economic climate. She's just asking for a raise in the same spirit that ALL of the other A.I. personalities have done. Based on Paula's popularity and the contestants reliance on her connection to them as a performer and kindred spirit in entertainment, she will be missed. When they do introduce the new judge, A.I. will be a DIFFERENT show...for better or for worse!

  • Elisa

    I was a bit sad that Paula Abdul was not renewed for the new season; not because I thought that she was a good judge, I definitely do not think she was very accurate in all the comments she would made. However she was entertaining! Having said that, I cannot go behind somebody who is complaining about the fact that she would get 10 million dollars a year and not 20. It's recession time, so many people cannot even meet ends and there she goes complaining about what she was offered? It's 10 million dollars a year! She's not a surgeon, she a god damn judge on american idol and not a great one. If we were all passionate about Paula Abdul's contract as much as we would be for world hunger, well I guess we would live in a much better place!

  • aLilDirt

    American Idol will be ultra POOPY without the fun, loopy Paula Abdul as a judge. I will not watch American Idol if Ms. Abdul is not included in the new season. That Kara may be a talented songwriter, but she has the stage presence of day old gelatin: a little jiggly, but mostly runny. I repeat, I will not watch American Idol if Ms Abdul is not included in the new season. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fox!

  • yeah

    Idol needs Paula Abdul!!! without her, they will be screwed. she will be just fine though, with her charisma!

  • Nessa

    I want her on Idol, obviously, thats her home. theres no way Im watching Idol without her! she will be fine though, with her personality, ANY show will want her! unfortunatily simon FULLER hates paulas guts and thats why she is now out. but this will be idols funeral. cant wait to see DWTS crushing idol in ratings now! YOU MADE THE WRONG DECISION FOX! YOU ARE GOING DOWN WITHOUT PAULA

  • Amy

    WILL NOT WATCH IDOL WITHOUT HER. I will watch her on Any show. its HER i love watching,. i cant stand the singing on Idol, its boring

  • reneelucky7

    The next TV offer that she needs to be on is A&E's Intervention.


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