Lisa Kudrow Plays Around With her Castmates

Apparently, there was plenty of musical competition on the set of Bandslam even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Celebuzz caught up with Lisa Kudrow at Thursday night’s Los Angeles premiere of the film, which follows the exploits of a group trying to win a Battle of the Bands. When quizzed about her favorite part of making the film, the former Friends-ter shot back, “Learning Rock Band. It didn’t make it into the film, but Gaelan [Connell]’s character—we were supposed to play Rock Band, and we were so bad at it, but it wasn’t our fault that we were bad.”

Sure. They probably got distracted by all of the filming and rehearsing and such.

And should Kudrow decide to take her musical ambitions outside of the gaming arena, what would she call her project?

“Bra-strap,” Kudrow replied. “No, not really.”

Bra-strap. No, Not Really. Hmm; we’ve heard worse band names. Probably.