VIDEO: Jonas Brothers Do It Big On ‘Conan’

Jonas Brothers were on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Thursday night doing a bit of everything: singing, chatting and, as usual, charming the pants off America.

With much to discuss, the boy band unloaded the details of their worldwide tour, new hit album, and how they deal with ornery parents.

“Some [people] do come to the shows who don’t like us,” commented Nick Jonas. “A lot of the arenas we play are right by the baseball stadiums. We were in Philadelphia and I saw some dads who had to come to the show with their daughters and you could tell they just wanted to be at the Phillys game. I went on my way and told them the score of the game; they lost. I don’t think that really helped. They were upset.”

I don’t like the way my daughter looks at them either.

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