Jordin Sparks Blasts American Idol for Letting Paula Go

Jordin Sparks isn’t mincing words in the battle between American Idol and Paula Abdul.

The Idol season six winner told E! Online on Friday, “It was dumb on American Idol’s part [to let Abdul go from the show]…I love American Idol and I respect them. It’s because of them that I got my start, but Paula was one of the original judges. She helped soften the blow for contestants when we didn’t do well. I love Paula.”

Sparks added, “The show will definitely not be the same without her, and I feel bad that future contestants will not get to experience having her on the show. I’m so sad.”

Don’t hold back, Jordin; tell us how you really feel!

And readers, tell us in the comments section: Do you agree with Sparks?