Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough Call It Quits

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough Call It Quits-photo

And so another great show-biz couple has bitten the dust.

Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough and American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth have broken up after dating for more than a year. The two met when Elizabeth signed on as a competitor for DWTS.

The couple announced their breakup via—how else?—Twitter on Friday.

"Hi everyone, we wanted you all to know directly from us, that Shannon & I have decided to end our relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend...," Hough wrote.

Added Elizabeth on her own Twitter account, "however, we love & care about each other very much & will remain friends & in each other's lives.”

How sweet; even though they've broken up, they're still completing each others' sentences.

Tell us in the comments section: Are you as shocked and saddened by this news as we are?

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  • reneelucky7
  • vanessa

    ...hes straight? this is news to me.

  • reneelucky7

    I had always thought that he was gay before he started dating her. I think that it is a turn off when a man spends more time in the mirror than I do. So I always have gone for the strong, rugged cowboy type of man.

  • Jonny

    don't know what she was doing with this man-boy anyway

  • fabbzpattz

    its sad news to hear.....wish them t he best and hope they do remain looks like things ended in good good for them.