Joe Jonas: Dumped and Desperate?

Is Joe Jonas the clingy type?

The New York Post reports that the JoBro’s most recent flame, Camilla Belle, broke up with him because he was too eager to commit—and despite the fact that they broke up two weeks ago, Joe still hasn’t learned to give Belle her space.

“Camilla is the one who ended it with Joe. The relationship was becoming too serious for her,” a source tells the paper.

And apparently Joe is still serious about Camilla—seriously pushy!

“Joe is still really upset and keeps calling her and leaving messages. He even got [brother] Kevin [Jonas] to call her,” the source continues.

Dude, having your brother call your ex to make a case for you? Bad form—especially for one of the hottest pop stars currently on the scene.

Let us know in the comments section: Should Joe Jonas give it up and get over Camilla already, or does he have a chance of winning her back if he just keeps trying?