Kate Gosselin Opens Up On 'The Today Show'

Kate Gosselin Opens Up On 'The Today Show'-photo

Kate Gosselin took some time out of her busy life to show up for an interview on NBC's Today Show this morning.

In this new interview with Meredith Vieira, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom discusses her kids, life in the spotlight, and what comes next for her.

She cries, saying she still loves the "Jon I knew," and reveals that she still wears the wedding ring for the same of the kids.

Trying to get sympathy or showing real emotion? You decide. Let us know in the comments.



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  • Arkin32

    Jon started this whole mess and can't man up and do interviews to straighten this mess out. He has left it up to Kate, yet in the same breath accuses her of being "bossy and controlling". If he isn't going to explain himself, who does he think is? He is a terrible example for his children as to how to act like a grown up. Sounds like "Tina" wants to be the next "Mrs. Jon Gosselin"... Where is the proof that Kate is cheating?? Star magazine?? Trust me Tina, if you were offered money to document your sad life, you'd jump at the chance. We all would...

  • Tina

    Oh cry a river you selfish whore bitch. I can just imagine your bodyguards wifes pain since the truth is you are humping her old man Steve. Guess the kids just work for you Kate. You are like a snake, you are evil. The children are not happy, the only thing you give them is what you buy them. Buying their love just like you buy everything. Hate this show and you Kate for what you have let the money do to you and you have done to those kids of yours and your husband. You look like an old hag, get all the fake stuff done to you that you want, it will not change the facts of what you have done. PS, you sure are looking old. Rush to the Dr. Kate, your age is showing 10 fold. Do us all a favor and fall off the face of the earth. Jon, get a good woman, marry her and raise these children without mommie dearest Kate. She is low life. Those children need love by you and a good mommie. Or, just raise them by yourself. Kate is not raising them, the hired help is. Don't blame you for kicking the bitch to the curb but it's time you find them a mommie that does not use them for an income along with the steve factor that Kate seems to always be with. Hummmm-just another lie IMO by the wicked Kate, she will stop at nothing-not even her own childrens well being. What a monster. Yes Kate, fake cry, lie and then go shopping while the nanny's have your children so you can play the victim. HA, what a crock! Those children will hate you one day!

  • Isabel P.
    Isabel P.

    In the beginning, she said that this show was supposed to be a way to chronicle the children's lives, like when her and Jon documented Mady and Cara's baby years. If you really loved your kids Kate, you wouldn't subject them to what you call for yourselves, "work." Before, they were penny pinchers, using coupons for everything, and now, they don't even bother. If it weren't for all this money, they wouldn't have given up so easily on their marriage, but like any other "economic" couple,