Sources Continue To Deny That Mark Lester Is Paris Jackson’s Real Dad

Despite rumors that Mark Lester is claiming paternity of Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, sources say it’s just not true.

Sources very close to the Jackson family say that Lester had donated sperm for Jackson and was a good friend (since 1981), but had never claimed to be the father of the 11-year old girl.

One Jackson family source says, “They twisted his words around. He’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson.”

Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan confirms that the story is just another silly rumor and there’s no evidence disproving that Michael is father to all three of his kids.

“These are just merely claims with no legal standing whatsoever,” McMillan tells PEOPLE.

Lester is, however, the godfather to all three of Michael Jackson’s children after an Oct. 2003 private ceremony where the children were baptized Catholic.


not the father of Jackson’s daughter, nor is he claiming paternity,

Mark Lester had been good friends with Jackson since 1981.