VIDEO: Rob Pattinson and Megan Fox Take The Stage

Two of the world’s sexiest people, Megan Fox and Rob Pattinson shared the stage at last night’s Teen Choice Awards.

The pair, who rumored to have hooked up earlier this year, won the “Choice Hottie” award at the show, which airs tonight.

“Wow. I hope that I get lucky enough in the future to be a part of something that you like as much as you like ‘Transformers’, ” Megan told the crowd. “And I love you guys. And I’m gonna shut up now so you can all look at Robert Pattinson.”

What did RPattz have to say for himself? “Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it,” he said. “I have to say that the hottest hottie, the hottest teens are the ‘Twilight’ fans. And thank you to Stephenie Meyer and the usuals.”

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