Audrina Patridge’s Dance Is Cut Short by MTV

With seemingly everybody throwing in their hat into the ring to compete on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, of course Audrina Patridge wants a piece of the action.

But the big, bad meanies at MTV are reportedly dashing her dreams of hoofing it on national television.

E! Online reports that the former Hills star has agreed to compete on the show, but has run into interference from MTV.

“Audrina wants to do it. Everyone around her wants her to do it,” says a source. “But MTV, for some reason, won’t make it happen. Why wouldn’t they want someone from The Hills on such a huge show?”

Adds the mole, “Dancing With the Stars would give MTV all this exposure, but they won’t budge.”

With Audrina working on her very own reality show for MTV, the cable network may be afraid of some kind of conflict of interest or scheduling. But come on; how entertaining would it be to see Patridge bust out her dance skills against her show-biz colleagues?

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think MTV should let Audrina’s spirit soar?